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American Ultra


Nima Nourizadeh
Topher Grace
Connie Britton
Walton Goggins
John Leguizamo
Bill Pullman
Tony Hale
Stuart Greer
Michael Papajohn
Monique Ganderton
Nash Edgerton
Paul Andrew O'Connor
Freddie Poole
Ilram Choi
James Bendishaw
Lavell Crawford
Sam Malone
Jim Klock
Wayne Pére
Gabe Begneaud
Rachel Wulff
Lyle Brocato
Don Yesso
Jack Yang
Vic Chao
Johnny McPhail
Nick Stanner
Eyad Elbitar
Trace Cheramie
Isaac Hughes
John Bernecker
Tim J. Smith
Matthew R. Staley
Alvin Chon
Michael Jamorski
Greg Rementer
Dino Dos Santos
Robert Bennett
Teri Wyble
James Moses Black
Eric Stratemeier
Eric VanArsdale
Andre Allemand
Sope Aluko
John L. Armijo
James Howard Askin
Macee Binns
Nicolas Bosc
Emanuel Brooks
Tom Bui
Kyle Crosby
Michelle DeVito
Jared Drennan
Alexander Eldimiati
Joseph Fischer
Philip Fornah
Tyler Forrest
Christian Frazier
Geraldine Glenn
Brooke Hartzog
Kasey Hartzog
Vincent Eugene Hatten
Christopher Heskey
Garrett Hollingsworth
Tamika Shanell Johnson
Patrick Kearns
Jamara Laster
Mike R. Moreau
Johnny Otto
Josh Perrault
Mary Elizabeth Runyon
Plynlymmon Sanguis
Deidra Sarego
Megyn Shott
Billy Slaughter
Sean Stevens
Brian Les Weinberger
Douglas Wilcox II
Jesse Yarborough

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In an odd move for the UK video charts this week Rise of The Footsoldier Part II climbs a couple of places to take over at the top of the video charts.

In actual fact the top selling DVD of the week us in fact a Davina McCall but we only report on film here, just an interesting point to make.

Rise of The Footsoldier Part II was released at cinemas on 11th December 2015 and was put on a very limited release.

During its single week at the box office it managed to make £5,354 from the single cinema that showed it, it made number 65 that week.

Other new films this week are American Ultra at number 5 and The Runner at number 6.

No change at the top for Straight Outta Compton which claims its second week as the top film in America with $26.7 million.

This brings the total gross for the Hip Hip film to $111 million over the 2 weeks of release, not bad for a film costing $29 million to produce.

Highest new film of the week was horror film Sinister 2 getting the jump on the Halloween season early.

Sinister 2 takes $10.6 million on it's debut. Also new this week is video game adaptation Hitman Agent 47 at number 4 and American Ultra at number 6.

Chart info

UK release date:

Highest chart position: 8

Weeks on box office: 2

Chart history
8 / N
15 / 
Non-chart history
Finer details

Total UK gross £636,456 and the 3270th top grossing film in the UK