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Bad Moms


Jon Lucas
Scott Moore
Kathryn Hahn
Christina Applegate
Jada Pinkett Smith
Annie Mumolo
Oona Laurence
Emjay Anthony
David Walton
Jay Hernandez
Wendell Pierce
Leah McKendrick
Megan Ferguson
Lyle Brocato
Wanda Sykes
Cade Mansfield Cooksey
J.J. Watt
Ann Mahoney
Samantha Beaulieu
Yuka Takara
Jackie Tuttle
Adria Tennor
Kelly Lind
Lena Clark
Karmen Capella
Donna Duplantier
Lindsey Garrett
Angela Larson
Christina DeRosa
Shauna Rappold
Lara Grice
Elizabeth Elkins
Carrie Lazar
Nina Millin
Yan Feldman
Jaylen Moore
David Simpson
Turner Crumbley
Billy Slaughter
Meghan Wolfe
Jay Jablonski
Dickson Obahor
LaJessie Smith
Eugenia Kuzmina
Mary Margaret McCloud
Lilly Singh
Harry Beckstead
Michele Ziegler
Xanthus Valan
Martha Stewart
Colin Egglesfield
Elvira Kunis
Karen Hahn
Lorelei Bell
Nancy Priddy
Adrienne Banfield-Jones
Alice Mumolo
Jessica Gillio
Zach Mooney
Sarah Kate Allsup
Kelly Alphonso
Chris Angerdina
Ava Alyse Anthony
Kennedy Anthony
John L. Armijo
Erica Austin
Cameron Avants
Charles Barber
Tony Beard
Eric Berris
Larry Bourne Jr.
Amy Brassette
Tracy Brotherton
Justin Burkhamer
Judy McGee Burley
Gabriel Byrd
Queen Byrd
Brady Calhoun
Kayla Carraway
Rebecca Chulew
Michelle L. Clarke
Maggie Corbett
Timothy Cornelius
Tyler Dietrich
Ianello Garcino
Parker Hankins
Pixie Hankins
Julia Holt
Ronnie Hooks
Ashley Nicole Hudson
Alicia Davis Johnson
Allyson Leigh Jordan
Patrick Kearns
Tilton Lipoma
Teri Mohler
Mike R. Moreau
Christy Moritz
Kelly Murtagh
Tia Nicholson
Gwen Parker
Leesa Pate
Ron M Patterson
Brittany Price
Lisa Raziano
Gus Rhodes
Chase Savoie
William Schaff
Kristen Scott
Lisa Ann Smith
Jack Teague
Taryn Terrell
Michelle Torres
Daphne Videau
Danny Vince
Dallas White
Abigail Williams
Christina Michelle Williams
Frank Wilson
Tricia Wood
Brian Woodhouse

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Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn are all present for sequel movie A Bad Moms Christmas.

The original Bad moms was a sizeable hit from a small budget so I suppose this is a no brainer.

A the title suggests its a Christmas movie and is out early November!

Check out the trailer below.

After last weeks almost static home video chart this week we have 5 in the top 10 alone with Sausage Party leading the way by landing at number 1 with £2.7 million on its debut.

Sausage Party was released in the UK on 2nd September 2015 where it landed at number 1, a good debut for an 18 rated animated movie.

After a couple of weeks at he top it then took a sharp decline down the box office spending just 5 weeks in cinemas in total.

Despite this relatively short box office run it actually did really well and ended up with a total gross of £7.5 million.

Also new this week, at number 2 is Mechanic Resurrection a number 10 film from August, Bad Moms at number 3 a number 2 film from August and finishing off the top 5 is Brotherhood a number 2 films from early September.

Also making their debut this week are The Purge Election Year at number 8 a number 5 film from August and finally War Dogs at 13 a number 4 film from August.

The US box office this week is dominated by the true life drama of airline pilot Sully who landed a plane on the Hudson River in New York and saved the plane of passengers and crew.

Starring Tom Hanks as the pilot the film is directed by Clint Eastwood and with good reviews sees the pair return to the top with a $35.5 million debut.

After a couple of weeks at the top Dont Breathe falls to number 3 this week with $8.2 million over the weekend, this brings the films US gross to $66.8 million.

Also making their US debuts this week are When the Bough Breaks at number 2 with $15 million and The Wild Life (or Robinson Crusoe as it will be else where) at number 5.

Highest total grossing movie on the top 10 this week is Suicide Squad which has now taken $307 million ver 6 weeks and longest run is Bad Moms which has now been a hit for 7 weeks.

The very last weekend of the summer season and there is very little movement with the scare fest of Dont Breathe remaining in pole position.

Figures are low this weekend and Dont Breathe manages to remain at the top with $15.7 million which brings its total US gross to a nice but unremarkable $51.1 million.

Little else is happening this week and the highest new film limps in at number 6, The Light Between Oceans takes just shy of $5 million on its debut.

This basically means there are lots of films yo-yoing up and down the chart with Suicide Squad remaining at number 2 and Petes Dragon going back up to number 3.

Suicide Squad is the top total grossing movie this week with $297.4 and Bad Moms and Jason Bourne share the honour of longest running with 6 weeks each.

Next week sees the kick off of the Autumn season with some exciting new film coming in the next 4 months.

This week at the global box office Warner Bros. Suicide Squad makes a fantastic debut raking in $267.1 million.

The film had a very wide release showing up in 58 countries, one of the largest of any film at the moment, and the US led the way with nearly half that gross, the UK was second.

Normally with such a large opening we would be looking at a long term run and large gross, but this year has proved that big opening weeks don't necessarily mean long cinema runs.

Jason Bourne falls from the top this week quite hard and from 51 counties has a weekly gross of $43 million, the total gross is now $195 million.

Worthy of a mention is Chinese film Time Raiders which opens in just 1 country, China, and manages to land at 3 with $64.6 million.

Finding Dory is still the top total grossing movie on the global box office having taken a total of $870.2 million to date, the billion mark is looking unlikely, but Disney now have the top 4 grossing film of 2016.

  1. Suicide Squad - $267,105,000
  2. The Secret Life Of Pets - $80,164,305
  3. Time Raiders - $64,600,000
  4. Jason Bourne - $43,604,780
  5. Bad Moms - $17,104,000
This weekend in the US we see Star Trek toppled from the top of the box office after only a week and Jason Bourne come storing into its place.

Nine years after Matt Damon left the series, and four years after the last movie Jason Bourne, directed by Paul Greengrass, is the top film in America.

The Bourne Legacy starring Jeremy Renner wasn't that well received in America taking just $113 million but The Bourne Ultimatum, the last film staring Damon, was and took $227 million.

This new chapter takes $60 million on its debut so if off to a good start and will join the top grossing movies in the series.

Star Trek Beyond falls from the top after only a week taking $24 million on its second weekend on release and grosses $105.7 million after 10 days.

Also new this week is Bad Moms starring Mila Kunis at number 3 and Nerve starring Emma Roberts at number 8.

Longest run on the box office and highest total grossing movie this week is Finding Dory, 7 weeks and $469 million.

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UK release date:

Highest chart position: 2

Weeks on box office: 7

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Total UK gross £8,141,704 and the 675th top grossing film in the UK