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Double Whammy

(2001 )

Tom DiCillo
Denis Leary
Elizabeth Hurley
Luis Guzm�n
Victor Argo
Chris Noth
Donald Faison
Keith Nobbs
Maurice Compte
Otto Sanchez
Melonie Diaz
Millie Tirelli
Kevin Olson
Joe DAngerio
Maurice G. Smith
Rachel Avalon
Stephanie Ortiz
Rachel Vasquez
Kerry Li
Sara Lee Kessler
Bill Boggs
Marjan Neshat
Tamika Thomas
Laurie Wallace
Gerry Bamman
Sally Jessy Raphael
Sharon Wilkins
Maurice Shrog
Marilyn Rockafellow
Caprice Benedetti
Leslie Lyles
Daniel Margotta
Panicker Upendran
Suzanne Smith
Heather Dillon
Christian Baskous
Toni Redman
Geoffrey Cantor
Gloria Irizarry
Jose Robelo
Danny Seckel
Mike Russo
Erin Hogarty
Daisy Baldwin
Riley G. Matthews Jr.

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After a couple of weeks at the top of the UK box office for Oz we now have a full change with The Croods leading the way.

Dreamworks animated comedy The Croody debuted at the top this week with £5.4 million. Last weeks top film, Oz the Great and Powerful fell to number 3, as Jack the Giant Slayer debuted in the runner up spot.

A year ago The Hunger Games made it's chart debut with a lot of hype and £4.9 million is takings. It knocked 21 Jump Street to number 2.

Five years ago there was a huge change in the chart with the whole top 4 was new, heading the pack was Horton Hears a Who! Which debuted with £2.9 million. The previous weeks top film, 10,000 BC fell to 5.

Ten years ago just Married hit the top spot, although the takings from the weekend were very low and it didn't even make $pound;1 million. The previus weeks top film, Maid in Manhattan fell to 2.

Fifteen years ago it was still Titanic, by which point it has by far become the biggest film in the UK ever and it's total was running at £51 million. In this week Leonardo DiCaprio hit a double whammy at the top as he was also the star of the highest new film, at 2, The Man in the Iron Mask.

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UK BBFC Certificate: 15