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(2007 )

Tony Mitchell
Jessalyn Gilsig
Tom Courtenay
Joanne Whalley
David Suchet
Nigel Planer
Ralph Brown
Gottfried John
Pip Torrens
Susan Wooldridge
David Hayman
Martin Ball
Poppy Miller
Peter Wight
Jade Davidson
Angus Barnett
John Benfield
Rob Dixon
Chrissie Cotterill
Sara Langridge
Nathalie Boltt
Jeremy Crutchley
Bart Fouche
Cecilia Dazzi
Moira Lister
Giorgio Lupano
Iain Winter
Lynita Crofford
Brent Palmer
Cleveland Mitchell
Quanita Adams
Dean McCoubrey
Julie Summers
Andre Jacobs
Sindi Harrison
Richard Farmer
Ronald France
Mike Tompson
Joe Vaz
Victoria Bartlett
Jaqui Pickering
Anthony Oseyemi
Jason Cope
Alex Argenti
Graham Bandy
Rogan Grant
François Grobbelaar
David Hood
Adam Horton
Forbes KB
Peter Rnic
Andy Callaghan
Jack Cryans
Shane Nolan
Christopher Fosh
Kay Headley
Stephen Hughes
Mark Shrimpton
Chris Wilson

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It's still a fairly elite group with this being only the fifth film to get there, but this week Alice in Wonderland's gross takes it over the Billion mark in world takings.

The first film to get there was Titanic back in 1997 which held the honor as the ONLY film in the club until Lord of the Rinds: The Return of the King managed the feat in 2003.

Since then the flood gates opened when 2006 saw the final Pirates of the Caribbean films go over a billion and then The Dark Night just about managed the feat in 2009.

Then this year Avatar blew the book out of the water and is getting close to $3 Billion in grosses.

Avatar and Alice played the game a little unfair mind when you consider 2 factors, ticket prices are far higher now that they have ever been, and then there is the little extra (and very unfair) surcharge for the 3D and IMAX, studios stop this NOW.

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UK BBFC Certificate: 12