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Barry Sonnenfeld
Linda Fiorentino
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Rip Torn
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Will Smith is a con artist this week in Focus which makes it debuts at the top of the US box office charts, the actors first number 1 film since Men In Black 3 hit cinemas back in 2012. In a quiet week for the US box office Focus takes a very light $19.1 million dollars, only one Will Smith film has scored a lowed debut, The Legend of Bagger Vance from 2001.

The only other new film to make it's debut this week is The Lazarus Effect at 5

As expected Fifty Shades of Grey is starting to fall with quite a thump as it falls from the top to number 4 this week with a $10.9 million weekend gross, it's total stands at a none too bad $148 million.

The other films on the top 5 are Kingsman The Secret Service at 2, The Spongebob Movie Sponge Out of Water at 3.

Despite the threat of World War Z at UK multiplexes last weekend the Man of Steel manages to hold himself at the top.

Superman entered it's second weekend of release in a good position with after a strong opening weekend and managed a good £5 million take which not only kept it at the top but also brings it's total to over £21 million.

Entering this week in the runner up spot is Brad Pitt fighting Zombies in World War Z which took £4.5 million, coming close to Superman.

As I predicted World War Z wasn't strong enough to knock Man of Steel from the top spot.

Last year Lincoln was new at the top, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter that is, debuting on it's first week of release knocking Men in Black 3 into the runner up spot.

Five years ago The Hulk was still the top film on it's second week of release while British indie film Adulthood was the top new film at 4.

Ten years ago sequel 2 Fast 2 Furious was new at the top of the chart knocking The Matrix Reloaded into second place.

Fifteen years ago Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan were at the top with City of Angels displacing The Wedding Singer from the top.

The top 5 on the UK box office this week was almost static with The Wolf Pack leading the way in their 3rd Hangover outing.

The Hangover Part III stayed at the top for a second weekend in a row this week with no competition from any new releases meaning the only movement in the top 5 was Star Trek into Darkness climbing 1 place and The Great Gatsby dropping a place.

Longest stay in the chart this week is The Croods which is now on an 11 week run and the highest grossing film is Iron Man 3 which has to date grossed £ 36,358,709 A year ago Ridley Scott brought his new Alien film to cinemas in the shape of Prometheus which debut at the top and was hence the highest new film knocking Men in Black 3 from the top.

Five years ago the first Sex and the City movie made it's debut at the top of the UK box office knocking the fourth instalment of the Indiana Jones franchise, The Kingdom of the Chrystal Skull from the top.

Ten years ago The Matrix Reloaded was still riding the wave of expectation at the top keeping Steve Martin at bay in the runner up spot in Bringing Down the House which debuted at 2.

Fifteen year ago meteor disaster movies were all the rage and Deep Impact was still at the top while horror film Wishmaster was the highest new film at 3.

Twenty years ago Indecent Proposal was proving to be the top grossing film of May.

Check out this weeks UK box office.

Brave continues to dominate the top of the box office while it's target audience enjoys a long wet summer.

Brave's weekend take is £2,371,691 in it's 4th week of release which brings it's total gross now to £13,259,610. We have to go a long way down the chart to find the highest new film this week, Keith Lemon The Film is that movie coming in at number 5 with £1,196,310.

This time last year The Inbetweeners Movie was still raking it in and at number 1 with a weekend take of £5,696,848. Highest new film was One Day with £2,208,724

Five years ago The Bourne Ultimatum was holding onto the top spot with the best challenge coming from new release Knock Up which landed at number 2. Bourne took £2,864,804 over the weekend while Knocked Up took £1,583,998

Ten years ago little known indie film The Guru was new at the top taking £1,521,984 and knocking Men in Black II from the top.

After being around on limited release for a couple of weeks, Brave tops the UK box office in it's first week nationwide.

Giving up the top spot this week Ted falls to third place as the whole country gets a chance to see Pixar/Disneys latest film. The scottish set animation had already taken a couple of million pounds from 2 weeks of release on 150 screen, but expanding to over 500 screens sees the film take £5,269,402 this weekend. Brave has taken £8,270,546 in total.

Highest new film of the week is The Bourne Legacy, the first without Matt Damon in the lead, it has debuted with £4,620,289.

A year ago the Channel 4 show based The Inbetweeners Movie smashed it's way to the top of the UK box office with £13,216,736 making it the top film and highest new film.

Five years ago The Bourne Ultimatum took the top slot and was the highest new film with a weekend take of £6,553,704.

Ten years ago Men in Black II was still at the top having taken a a weekend gross of £1,403,344 and total gross of £16,174,430.

Fifteen years ago the original Men in Black was at the top while twenty years ago Lethal Weapon 3 was the big movie.

The Amazing Spider-man could only manage a single week at number 1 as Ice Age: Continental Drift climbs back up to the top.

Previously Ice Age 4 managed to get to the top in a very quiet week in only 134 screens across the UK, this week the film has expanded to 522 screens and take an amazing £10,087,052, so in actual fact the film has taken more in it's 3rd weekend of release than most films make in their first weekend. To date Ice Age 4 has taken £13,051,881.

With Spider-Man's takings falling by 65% it falls to number 2, the longest stay in the chart this week is Men in Black 3 which has so far grossed £21,539,847

This time last year Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 made it's debut at the top of the chart with £23,753,171 and was in the process the highest new film.

Five years ago another Harry Potter film was at the top on it's opening weekend, this time it was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which opened with a £16,493,305, no 3D this time see!

Ten years ago, a time before any Harry Potter films, Scooby Doo debuted at the top with £5,129,109, knocking Minority Report from the top.

And 15 years ago The Lost World: Jurassic park was riding high, while 20 years ago, ironically, Batman Returns was the big film, and what big film is released this weekend?

Last weekend UK cinema goers came out in big numbers for the revamp of the Spider-Man story in The Amazing Spider-man. The film which stars Britain's Andrew Garfield had an excellent opening weekend where the web slinger take was an amazing £11,091,972 and took 4-5 times more than the rest of box office combined.

The longest running film in the top 15 is Men in Black 3 with 7 weeks on the chart.

Last weeks top film, Ice Age Continental Drift, drops to number 2 taking £719,769 over the weekend, increasing its total over 2 weeks to £2,327,078.

A year ago Transformers: Dark of The Moon was still at the top having taken a total of £19,701,418 while The Guard was the top new film with £473,878 at number 5

Five years ago Shrek The Third still topped the chart taking it's total gross to £25,694,674 as Bruce Willis had a fourth outing as John McClain in Die Hard 4_0 as the highest new entry at 2 with £5,004,916

Ten years ago it was all about Tom Cruise as he shot to the top of the UK box office in the Steven Spielberg directed Minority Report taking £4,506,315 on it's debut weekend.

There is no stopping Prometheus as the film makes it 3 weeks at the top of the Uk box office. A weekend ticket haul of £2,009,955 beats, for a second weekend, Men in Black 3 and helps it's total gross get to £19,452,845. Highest new film for the week was at number 5 for the underperforming Rock of Ages which saw ticket sales of £1,003,107.

A year ago Green Lantern was the number one film and the highest new film with a weekend take of £2,472,969.

Five years ago the sequel to Fantastic Four, 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer was the top film and the highest new entry with a weekend take of £4,137,169.

Ten years ago, was it really that long, the first Spider-Man film stormed into the top of the box office with a weekend take of £9,426,969.

This week Ridley Scotts Prometheus stays at the top of the Uk box office chart. It was a week with not much in the way of new releases so movie goers who didn't catch the Alien universe film last week took their chance this week to the tune of £3,135,504. The total gross for the film is now £15,471,936 after 2 weeks of release.

The highest new release of the week is right down at number 4, The Pact enters with a weekend gross of £932,325. In a rare move Men in Black 3 goes back up one place to number 2.

Avengers Assemble keeps is chart run in tact and with a 7 week run is not only the longest runner on the chart but the highest grossing film with a total so far of £50,338,151.

This time last year Kung Fu Panda 2 was the highest new film of the week and also the number 1 film, taking £6,188,897 on it's debut.

Similarly five years ago Oceans Thirteen was the highest new film and also the top film with a debut of £3,021,302.

Ten years ago there was no stopping Star Wars Episode II: Attack of The Clones as it spent it's 4th week at the top leaving Unfaithful as the highest new film at 2.

This week director Ridley Scott takes his prequel\non-prequel Prometheus to the top of the UK box office. The film has had mixed reviews that may have effected it's box office performance but cinema goers were still keen to see the potential start of the Alien universe and flooded cinemas to the tune of a £6,236,580 weekend.

Last weeks top film Men in Black 3 falls harder than expected to number 3 this week, although it was 2 strong new films in Prometheus and Snow White and The Huntsman at 2 that effected it's position, the Will Smith film still manages a good £3,032,053 second weekend.

Avengers Assemble is still raking in the money this week and now has a total gross of £48,367,585 after 6 weeks making it the 20th top film in the UK, worldwide it's the 3rd top film.

This time last year X-Men First Class was the top film on it's debut weekend knocking The Hangover Part II from the top.

Five years ago Pirates of The Caribbean: At Worlds End was still at the top keeping off Wedding Daze which was the highest new film at 2.

And ten years ago there was no stopping Star Wars Episode II: Attack of The Clones as it kept Josh Hartnetts 40 Days and 40 Nights from the top.

Men in Black was great, Men in Black 2 starts great but get silly towards the end, so you can imagine, a 3rd could lie either way in my book, couple this with the reports of problems on set and there is a fear of trouble brewing in the MIB franchise for a third film.

Sony have now delivered a trailer, and although I went in skeptical I have to say by the end of the trailer I was won over and I'm now looking forward to this film.

OK the premise seems a little old, time travel, and it seems like Tommy Lee Jones wasn't as willing as Will Smith to be in the film, but it looks great, Emma Thompson has a brilliant fleeting appearance in the trailer and from there I just sat back and enjoyed.

Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think.

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Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 9

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Total UK gross £35,820,921 and the 70th top grossing film in the UK

Total World gross $587,200,000 and the 122nd top grossing film globally

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