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Precious Cargo


Max Adams
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Claire Forlani
John Brotherton
Lydia Hull
Daniel Bernhardt
Ashley Kirk
Tyler Jon Olson
Jenna B. Kelly
Christopher Rob Bowen
Sammi Barber
Jean Claude Leuyer
Nick Loeb
Martin Blencowe
Mackie Burt
John Ceallach
John Dauer
James Donald
David Gordon
Jonathan Hammond
Laura Kaufman
Amanda Macon
Jesse Pruett
Christopher Sileo
Sam Situmorang
John Stroo
Madison West
Torrie Wilson
Brian Flynt
Elton Hartzler
Alfonzo Walker

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As we approach the end of the year all the Spring hits start to get released ready for Christmas and so this week has the release of Captain America Civil War hit the top on its debut.

The film was released into UK cinemas on 4th May 2016 where it easily hit the top of the box offie on its debut with a £14.4 million opening weekend, the 25th highest in the UK.

After an excellent 3 week run at the top the film started dropping, but it dropped hard and had a 7 week box office run in total.

During that time the film managed an excellent £36.7 million in total grosses making it the 60th top grossing film in the UK.

Globally, as is the norm with Marvel films, Civil War too £1.1 billion and is the 12th top grossing movie across the world.

The jungle Book falls after a couple of weeks at the top to number 2 this week but is still selling well.

Other new film this week are Florence Foster Jenkins at number 3, Thomas and Friends The Great Race at number 4 and further down Bruce Willis in Precious Cargo at 12.

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UK release date:

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15 July 2016
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Total UK gross £86 and the 8282th top grossing film in the UK