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Ray No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.


Ray 15 age rating
152 minutes (2 hours 32 minutes)
UK release date 21st January 2005
US release date 29th October 2004

Directed by

Taylor Hackford


Ray Charles
Kerry Washington
Della Bea Robinson
Regina King
Margie Hendricks
Clifton Powell
Jeff Brown
Harry Lennix
Joe Adams
Bokeem Woodbine
Fathead Newman
Aunjanue Ellis
Mary Ann Fisher
Sharon Warren
Aretha Robinson
C.J. Sanders
Young Ray Robinson
Curtis Armstrong
Ahmet Ertegun
Richard Schiff
Jerry Wexler
Larenz Tate
Quincy Jones
Terrence Howard
Gossie McGee
David Krumholtz
Milt Shaw
Wendell Pierce
Wilbur Brassfield
Chris Thomas King
Lowell Fulson
Thomas Jefferson Byrd
Rick Gomez
Tom Dowd
Denise Dowse
Warwick Davis
Patrick Bauchau
Dr. Hacker
Robert Wisdom
Jack Lauderdale
Kurt Fuller
Sam Clark
Julian Bond
Kimberly J. Ardison
Ethel McRae
Renee Wilson
Pat Lyle
Willie Metcalf
Mr. Pitt
Mike Pniewski
Bus Driver
Terrone Bell
Young George Robinson
Richard A. Smith
Gary Grubbs
Billy Ray
Carol Sutton
Bill Breaux
Cop #1
Alex Van
Cop #2
Roland Bob Harris
Jesse Stone
Tom Clark
Alan Freed
Afemo Omilami
Angry Husband
Elizabeth Omilami
Angry Wife
Vernel Bagneris
Dancin' Al
Fahnlohnee R. Harris
Trudy Daniels
Michael Travis Stone
Eric O'Neal Jr.
Ray Charles Jr. - 5-6 Yrs.
Tequan Richmond
Ray Charles Jr. - 9-10 Yrs.
Matthew Benjamin
Musician in Billy Ray's
John Swasey
Customs Agent #1
James Huston
Customs Agent #2
Marc Lynn
Downbeat Reporter
Kyle Scott Jackson
King Bee
J. Todd Smith
Student Reporter
Rutherford Cravens
White Promoter
Darnell Rhea
Fast Girl
Jedda Jones
Jeff Galpin
Cop #3
Michael Arata
Cop #4
Estella Denson
Lady in Rain
Johnny O'Neill
Art Tatum Piano Interpretations
Jamil Sharif
Ray's Band - 1st Trumpet
Edward Anderson
Ray's Band - 2nd Trumpet
Alonzo Bowens
Ray's Band - Alto Saxophone
Clarence Johnson
Ray's Band - Baritone Saxophone
Edwin Livingston
Ray's Band - Bass
Herman LeBeaux
Ray's Band - Drums
Raymond Webber
Lowell Fulson's Band - Drums
Joey Alonzo
Joseph Buttler
Studio Engineer
Ray Charles
Carrie Daniel
Featured Dancer
James J. Duhon
Tobi Gadison
Larry Gamell Jr.
Carlos Gonzalez
Sound Booth Tech
Rusty Gregoire
Justin Groetsch
Gene Kevin Hames Jr.
Trae Ireland
Summer LeAnn
Beach Dancer
Benee Leavy
Violinist for 'Georgia On My Mind'
Chris Love
Jazz musician
Murphy Martin
Jonathan McIntosh
Darlene Moore
Airline Stewardess
Paula Jai Parker
Ruth Brown
Karen Pritchett
Concert Go'er
Ben Pronsky
Southern Marine
Carlos Rivero
Custom Agent
Sonny Shroyer
Gov. Jimmie Davis
Curt Sobel
Thomas Sobel
Sam Clark's Assistant
Clif St. Laurent
Avery White
Bar Owner
Travis Willingham
Northern Marine
Don Yesso
State Policeman

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News from around the web

Director Patty Jenkins has moved the release date of Wonder Woman 1984 to August 14th 2020 because the best way to see the film is on the big screen.

Movie theatres across the world are currently closed because the the COVID-19 pandemic which means that many of the smaller establishments are suffering though no income.

In a heart felt tweet she reiterates how important movie theatres are and the move of release date is so it can help the movie theatre industry once the pandemic os over.

Many of the released for MArch and April have been put on hold or to a later date including A Quiet Place Part II, No Time To Die, Black Widow and Mulan to name a few.

There is no time line of when the social restrictions set by global governments will be lifted and when cinemas will be able to open again.

As a result of this the weekend box office results have also been suspended.

With the global coronavirus pandemic stopping much of the world from leaving home to go to a movie theatre Vin Diesels new movie superhero movie makes its debut at number 1 dropping Onward to number 2.


Making its debut at the top of the global box office this week is Vin Diesel's foray into the superhero realm which makes its debut at the top with $24.4 Million from 51 countries.

The film got bad reviews from critics and public alike and despite people not venturing out the house to movie theatre it is hard to say if the film would have done much better if they had.

The road ahead does not look good and with Universal and Warner both announcing today the recent box office films are hitting streaming on Friday this could join the list sooner rather than later.


The new Pixar film is also suffering from the fear of the coronavirus and the movie falls to number 2 this week with $17.3 Million from 48 countries.

This brings the movies total gross to $101.6 Million after 2 weeks of release, and despite the good reviews and word of mouth this will end up on the lower end of Pixar movies box office.

The Invisible Man

The Universal monster movie falls to 3 this week with $12.2 Million from 66 countries for a $122.7 Million total gross after 3 weeks.

I Still Believe

This faith based movie is at 4 this week take a very good $9.7 Million from just 6 countries, this means the road ahead could look better than expected.

The Hunt

Also new this week is the new movie from director Craig Zobel which takes $6.02 Million from just 5 countries.


Next weeks box office will be interesting as many countries including Italy, France, Germany, UK and America are either locking down or recommending people stay indoors and many new releases and getting put back to later in the year meaning the box office takings for the next few weeks might not fully reflect what could have been.

The power of the Abbey was too strong for any new comers this week as Downton Abbey stays at the top with Ad Astra entering the box office at number 2.

Downton Abbey

The TV show brought to the big screen continues its run at the top of the UK box office for a second weekend with a gross of £3.2 Million.

This brings the films total gross in the UK to £13.1 Million.

Ad Astra

Ad Astra

Making its debut at 2 and the highest new film of the week is the the Brad Pitt starring space drame which takes £2.2 Million.

The film is directed by James Gray and also stars Liv Tyler and with Oscar buzz surrounding the film this could hang around for a while.

IT Chapter Two

The horror sequel falls to number 3 this weekend with a gross of £1.3 Million which puts its total UK gross after 3 weeks of release at £16.1 Million.

This is well below the original movies gross and the film will not reach anywhere near the £32 Million that film took.

Rambo: Last Blood

Also making its box office debut this weekend is Sylvester Stallone bringing one of his beloved characters to the screen.

THe film lands at number 4 with a take of £1.07 Million.


The Jennifer Lopez starring movie about a group of stripper falls to number 5 this week with £1.05 Million taking its total UK gross to £3.3 Million after 2 weeks.

The Lion King

Disneys animated remake is the top total grossing film this week with a total UK gross of £74.3 Million after 10 weeks.

Toy Story 4

The longest run on the box office with 14 weeks since release and a total UK gross of £65.2 Million.

British hit Downton Abbey beats a trio of new releases at the top of the US box office to hit the top spot on its debut leaving IT Chapter Two to fall off the top to number 4 after a couple of weeks at the top.

Downton Abbey

Taking to top spot on the US box office on its debut weekend of release is the British ITV drama series which has been translated to the big screen.

The TV series was already a big hit in America and the first film hits the top with a weekend gross of a very respectable $31 Million.

Ad Astra

Ad Astra

Brad Pitt stars as an astronaut who is sent ot look for his presumed dead father in deep space.

The James Gray directed film opens at number 2 with a $19.2 Million debut gross.

Rambo: Last Blood

Sylvester Stallone brings one of his more famous creations back to the big screen for one last outing which enters the box office at number 3 this week with $19 Million debut.

IT Chapter Two

The horror film starring Pennywise falls from the top after 2 weeks at the top with a weekend gross of $17.2 Million.

This takes the film gross to $179.1 Million after 3 weeks of release, the film will not get close to its predecessors $327 Million total US gross.


Much has been made of this Jennifer Lopez starring movie, with word of possible Oscar glory come next February, but the film falls to number 5 this week with a $17 Million take.

This puts the films total gross at $62.5 Million after 2 weeks of release.

The Lion King

Disneys animated feature remake is at number 6 this week and has the longest run on this weeks US box office at 10 weeks, the film has made an incredible $537.5 Million so far.

Sci-Fi drama Ad Astra makes its global debut at the top of the box office while Downton Abbey also does well as it expands it terretory count while IT Chapter Two drops to third place.

Ad Astra

Making its global box office debut at the top is this deep space exploration movie starring Brad Pitt which takes $45.2 Million over the weekend from 45 countries.

It is a fantastic debut for the James Gray movie and with Oscar being mentioned in the same breath as the movie it could see itself last the rest of the year on the box office.

Downton Abbey

The British aristocrats movie adds more location to its tally and climbs to number 2 on the global box office on its second weekend of release with $41 Million from 33 countries.

This pushes the Michael Engler directed movies total global gross to $61.8 Million.

IT Chapter Two

The Pennywise sequel falls to number 3 this weekend with a gross of $38.5 Million from 79 countries which pushes the films total to $385 Million after 3 weeks of release.

The film will fall far short of the originals $700 Million total global gross.

Rambo: Last Blood

Rambo: Last Blood

Sylvester Stallone brings one of his most iconic characters to the big screen for one last time and despite a critical panning the film has still entered the box office at number 4 with $28.1 Million from 34 countries.


The Jennifer Lopez starring movie is not only getting critical praise but also getting Oscar mentions for its star as the film falls to number 5 on its second weekend of release with a gross of $20 Million from 19 countries.

This pushes the film total global gross to $73.2 Million.