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Shutter Island


Emily Mortimer
Jackie Earle Haley
Ted Levine
John Carroll Lynch
Elias Koteas
Robin Bartlett
Christopher Denham
Nellie Sciutto
Joseph Sikora
Curtiss Cook
Raymond Anthony Thomas
Joseph McKenna
Ruby Jerins
Tom Kemp
Bates Wilder
Lars Gerhard
Matthew Cowles
Jill Larson
Ziad Akl
Dennis Lynch
John Porell
Aidan Mitchell
Drew Beasley
Joseph P. Reidy
Bree Elrod
Thomas B. Duffy
Ken Cheeseman
Steve Witting
Michael E. Chapman
Keith Fluker
Darryl Wooten
Michael Byron
Gary Galone
Gabriel Hansen
Max von Sydow
Cassity Atkins
Danny Carney
Jeffrey Corazzini
John Franchi
Rob W. Gray
Guy A. Grundy
Cody Harter
Mackenzie Hawe
Chris Henderson
Mark Hetherington
Mary Koomjian
Sean Landergan
Daniel Lowney
Stephen Marchessault
Dan Marshall
Robert Masiello
Alex Milne
Americo Presciutti
Donna Glee Reim
Eric Rollins
Skip Shea
Billy Silvia
Jon Robert Stafford

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Action film Battle: Los Angeles fights its way to the top of the UK box office this week de-throwning Rango in the process.

There was not a lot of hype for the film really, but Battle: Los Angeles still manages to take a fairly modest £1.8 million pound this week. The film stars Aaron Eckhart with a story about aliens invading Los Angeles, not the most original of stories but always a crowd pleaser. The film is top in the US as well.

Falling a single place this week is Rango. The Animated film with the voice of Johnny Depps takes £1.5 million bringing its 2 week gross to £ 3,615,885.

Climbing up a single place this week is the Liam Neeson thriller Unknown which adds just over a million pound to its gross so after 2 weeks it's now taken £ 3,161,588.

Falling to fourth is The Adjustment Bureau with a weekend gross of £911,863 taking its total to £3,082,693 and then new at 5 is Hall Pass which takes a lower than expected £900,936.

This week's box office chart is a lot lower than last week's where Alice in Wonderland was still riding high on number one with a weekend of £7.3 million and a total gross of nearly £23 million. Shutter Island and Green Zone took over a 2 million each and Avatar was still hanging on with over half a million pound, its total gross in the UK had reached nearly £90 million.

Chart info

UK release date:

Highest chart position: 2

Weeks on box office: 7

Chart history
2 / N
3 / 
4 / 
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9 / 
12 / 
14 / 
Non-chart history
Finer details

Total UK gross £10,599,763 and the 501rd top grossing film in the UK

UK BBFC Certificate: 15