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Slow West


John Maclean
Kodi Smit-McPhee
Ben Mendelsohn
Aorere Paki
Hayden Frost
Caren Pistorius
Kieran Charnock
Edwin Wright
Joseph Passi
Andrew Robertt
Sam Manzanza
Tawanda Manyimo
Brian Sergent
David T. Lim
Karl Willetts
Bryan Michael Mills
Brooke Williams
Madeleine Sami
Eddie Campbell
Ken Blackburn
Jeffrey Thomas
Michael Whalley
Jon Cummings
Alex Macqueen
Kevin MacLeod
Stuart Martin
Evie Simon
George Simon
Rory McCann
James Martin
Tony Croft
Marian Leven
Margaret Starling
Ali Beag Macleod
Will Maclean
Kern Falconer
Stuart Bowman
Andy McPhee
David Maclean
Aaron McGregor
Kalani Queypo
Erroll Shand

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This week Jurassic World lost its 2 week hold at the top of the UK box office and made way for those little yellow people as Minions makes its debut.

Taking over the number 1 spot with a very good weekend gross of £11.5 million and it is clearly looking to repeat the success of Despicable me 2 for which the Minions became famous.

Despicable Me 2 was released at about the same time in 2013 and took £14 million on it's opening weekend, it did become the top grossing film of that year.

Jurassic World fell a single place on it's third weekend of release but the film is still going great guns and is now the top grossing film of the year with £48.9 million.

Other new films this week are Knock Knock from Eli Routh at number 7 and Slow West at number 10.

Historical Charts

A year ago
Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie made it's debut on the box office at the top of the chart and knocked The Fault In Our Stars to number 2 after only a week at the top.

Five years ago
Get Him to The Greek entered at the top of the box office while Killers fell from the top into number 2 after a week.

Ten years ago
Batman Begins held its place at the top of the box office for a second week while the top new film was Kung Fu Hustle at number 4.

Fifteen years ago
There was no shifting Gladiator as it spent yet another week at the top of the box office, Big Mommas House made it's debut at number 2.

Twenty years ago
Bad Boys held on the top spot for a second week while the top new film was Tank Girl which made its debut at number 3.

Chart info

UK release date:

Highest chart position: 10

Weeks on box office: 2

Chart history
10 / N
11 / 
Non-chart history
10 July 2015
17 July 2015
24 July 2015
31 July 2015
7 August 2015
14 August 2015
21 August 2015
28 August 2015
4 September 2015
11 September 2015
25 September 2015
2 October 2015
Finer details

Total UK gross £501,604 and the 3487th top grossing film in the UK

UK BBFC Certificate: 15