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With a global release in 55 countries Rogue One: A Star Wars Story completely dominates the global box office on it debut weekend of release.

Rogue One rules the box office in every country it was released in and in some countries even gave the highest opening ever.

The UK has the best opening outside of America where the film took £16 million over a 4 day opening period.

Globally the film took $290.5 million which was split $135 million international and $155 million in America.

As expected Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them fell from the top where it has dominated for 4 weeks to number 4 with a global gross of $19.5 million from 67 countries bringing its total to $717 million.

Also new this week is The Great Wall which took $57 million from just one territory and is at number 2 this week.

Fantastic beasts is the highest total grossing film and is still the film with the widest release.

The final chart in America before the movie event of the year (well it will be for many!) has Moana from Disney staying at the top for a 3rd straight weekend.

A relatively small drop in weekend takings means the animated feature takes $18.8 million which brings its total to $145 million.

The film wont go down as an absolute Disney classic but it will be one of their good grossing films in the same vein as say Tangled.

Office Christmas Party comes in at 2 this week, maybe bette than expected for a brain out comedy. It takes $17.5 million for the weekend.

Highest total grossing movie on the US box office this week is Doctor Strange which is still in the top 5, at 5, and has taken $222.3 million.

Longest total running film of the week is split 3 way between Doctor Strange, Trolls and Hacksaw Ridge all having spent 6 weeks.

Disney threw their latest film hoping to hit the heights of Frozen at US audiences this weekend in the shape of Moana, they are hoping that the long holiday weekend would give it a boost.

With a debut weekend of $55 million over the Friday to Sunday they can't complain, and the long weekend from Wednesday night saw the film gain over $80 million.

With many families out shopping on the big retail weekend that includes black Friday this isn't such a bad debut, and with good reviews this could well go on and on for Disney.

Next weekend will be the big test, no new child friendly film are set for a release in the coming weeks which is good for Moana but then they get the Galaxy Far Far away to deal with, but who from, yes Disney, the Mouse House should have a good holiday.

Last weeks top film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, fell to number 2 this weekend and gained $45 million, this brings the films US total to $156 million, not the heights of Harry Potter.

Also new this week is America is Allied starring Brad Pitt at number 4 with $13 million and Bad Santa 2 at number 7 with $6 million and very bad reviews.

Longest stay on the US box office is split between 3 films, Doctor Strange, Trolls and Hacksaw Ridge all on 4 weeks, although the highest total grossing by a long margin is Doctor Strange with $205 million.

A new Indiana Jones film is on its way for release in 2019 an announcement from Disney confirms.

Naturally it will be directed by Steven Spielberg and star Harrison Ford, it would not be an Indy movie if not.

Other cast members have yet to be announced, Shia LaBeouf starred in the last film, Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as Indy's kid, but the actor has gone off the rails of late.

Karen Allen was also in the last movie which saw her character and Indy get married so there is room for her to appear as well.

The last film, despite being not that bad, was received with unfavourable reviews and split opinion between fans, but Disney reunited Star Wars fans with The Force Awakens so they could do the same here.

2019 is a ways away yet so expect more details to dribble out between now and closer to the time.

The trailer for the video game Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has made it's debut on the internet, and although direct comparisons to the film cant be made it interesting as we can see how the film should be looking.

The trailer is dark and action packed, and Harry and friends look to be in contant danger, I'm sure the film will have some story to it as well! The game has also been split into to 2 so this is part 1 only.

Check out the trailer below.

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