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The Boy

The Boy

Directed by

Craig William Macneill


David Morse
Jared Breeze
Bill Sage
Mike Vogel
Zuleikha Robinson
Aiden Lovekamp
David Valencia
Sam Morse
Andres Echavarria
Maria Luisa Ruiz
Amalia Santamaria
Manuela Guerra
Hong Kyu Park
Victoria Escobar
Susana Jaramillo
Tomas Eastman
Catalina Restrepo
Mariana Echeverri
Paola Holguin
Antonia Vargas
Carolina Agudelo
Daniel Vallejo
Daniel Harry
Daniel Castro
Miguel Harry
Taige Jensen

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The Boy

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The Boy

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Highest chart position: 5

Weeks on box office: 4

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News from around the web

Video game adaptation Sonic The Hedgehog remained at the top of the US box office for a second consecutive weekend stopping Harrison Ford's new film which made an impressive debut at number 2.

Sonic The Hedgehog

The speedy blue hedgehog remained at the top of the US box office for a second weekend with $26.3 Million.

This puts the Jim Carrey starring movie's total gross at $106.6 Million and the film has managed to pass one milestone by passing the $100 Million mark.

This is incidentally the biggest film Starring Jim Carrey in 10 years and at the current rate could be his biggest film since Bruce Almighty from 2003.

The Call Of The Wild

The Call Of The Wild

Harrison Ford follows up his return to the Galaxy Far Far Away with this more grounded movie which just misses out on the top spot.

The movie is the top new film of the week and takes $24.8 Million over the weekend.

Birds Of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn)

The Margo Robbie starring Harley Quinn movie falls to number 3 this week with a weekend gross of just $7 Million.

This puts the film total gross to a fairly disappointing $72.5 Million after 3 weeks of release, it will end up one of the lowest grossing DC Universe movies.

Brahms: The Boy II

Entering the box office at number 4 is this horror movie starring Katie Holmes which taked $5.9 Million on its debut.

Bad Boys For Life

Finally halling to number 5 this week with the Bad Boys reunion which takes $5.8 Million for a 6 week gross of $191.1 Million.

The movie should pass the $200 Million mark by next weekend.


Thanks to the Oscar glory the film got the SOuth Korean class movie is the longest running film on the US box office this week with 19 weeks, it has taken just shy of $50 Million.

Jumanji: The Next Level

Highest total grossing movie of the week is the Dwayne Johnson vehicle which is at number 9 this week with $310.9 Million after 11 weeks of release.

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child was written as a stage show and it was promised it would always stay that way, the book that was released soon after the West End production opened was in play form not novel, but the signage for the play has just recently been changed to reflect that of the movies so does this mean that a movie version is in the works?

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child old and new sign

The original sign was not unique and in many ways reflected that of the original publications in the UK, whereas the logo used on the movies was closer to that of the original US version, and the new logo was presented on Broadway first in a full Time Square takeover and on Back To Hogwarts Day.

Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone

The change has had a lot of fans angry about this claiming that the story is seperated from the Harry Potter cannon and this marks that seperation, but why would there be this change?

The obvious conclusion is that there is a movie version on the way, Warner Bros. owns the movie rights to the series and have been a partner to Harry Potter Theatre which produces the stage show.

The rumours have been denied by everyone including J.K. Rowling who posted some cryptic tweets, but are they just not telling the absolute truth because it's not time to announce it yet?

For Warner Brox. who have made Billions of dollars from the series want that money to keep rolling in, The Fantastic Beasts series had a promising start but last year Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald didn't do as well as they would have liked.

The theme park area at Universal Studios are doing well, and are keeping the franchise alive, but there needs to be a new movie for Warner Bros. that fans can sink their teeth into.

Rowling could write a whole new set of Harry Potter centric stories especially for the screen, but she will need to please the fans, and she has always stated after the books she wont revisit Harry Potter and his world again.

She keeps tight control over everything Harry Potter, but she could commission a new writer/screenplay write to come up with some new stories, The Cursed Child was written by Jack Thorne and John Tiffany with Rowling only providing the story, so this is ground she has been down before.

As much as this is something which may be explored in the future, why bother when you have a tried and tested story already there and waiting for a screen version to be produced, its Harry Potter, its already written and it would most likely take over a Billion dollars at the box office.

Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone

Also it would bring the story to the fans who either dont go to the theatre, it is a niche past time which although having the boy who lived as brought more more bums on seats to theatre in the same way the books got people reading again you are still making inaccessible to some.

I am going to stick my neck out and say there will be a movie version of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child in the long run, there is just too much of a money making opportunity there for Warner Bros., and as the film is already in 2 parts I am sure it can be dragged out to a trilogy, a 3 Billion plus grossing trilogy.

With nothing of note in the way of new releases it was easy for M. Night Shyamalan Glass to stay at the top of the box office while The Kid Who Would Be King is the highest new film at 4.

<span class='green'><u><i><b>The Boy</b></i></u></span> Who Would Be King


Hanging on for a second week at the top is the Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy triple header which takes $19.04 million on its second weekend.

This brings the films total US gross to $79.5 million punching its way to the $100 million mark.

The Upside

With a virtually static top 5 the Kevin Heart comedy drama is at 2 this week with a $12.2 million weekend on its third outing, this brings the films total gross to $61.1 million.


Still pulling in audiences on its 6th weekend to the tune of $7.3 million is the DC monster which boosts its total US gross to $316.5 million.

The Kid Who Would Be King

Entering the box office at number 4 this week, and the only change in the top 5, is the fantasy adventure from director Joe Cornish and starring Rebecca Ferguson.

While not pulling in the audience like the studio would have liked it still manages a $7.2 million opening weekend.

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse

The award winning animated feature takes $6.15 million on its 7th weekend boosting its US total to $169 million.

Calling it the Harry Potter world is old hat now, the Wizarding World as its known is now growing beyond the boy wizard and we have a new series of films.

The Fantastic Beasts series reaches its second film this November and today Warner Bros. release the final trailer.

Were not a big fan of the Harry Potter series but we loved Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, and judging from this trailer the mystery and wonder as well as the sheer epic spectacle are all in place.

I cant help thinking that after a great first movie in the series this film is just going to fall to type and be a good guy versus bad guy like Harry Potter.

Decide for yourself and and check out the trailer below.

On the UK video chart this week The Divergent Series Allegiant makes its debut at the top moving Grimsby well and truly out of the way.

Allegiant was released in the UK on 11th March 2016 and made its debut at number 2 of that week with Kung Fu Panda 3 beating it to the top.

Ironically it is the other way round on the video charts, Kung Fu Panda 3 is also released this week on video and makes its debut at number 2.

The Divergent Series Allegiant was a small hit at the box office only staying for 4 weeks with a total UK gross of £4.3 million.

This is a poor showing for the series, the first 2 films made £6 and £7 million respectively so this is a low.

Last weeks top film Grimsby falls from the top to number 4 after only one week and will most likely continue on a fast face out of the chart.

Other new film this week are: as already mentioned Kung Fu Panda 3 is at 2, The Boy is new at number 6 and Hail, Ceasar! is at 7 and finally Forsaken is new at 9.