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UK release date Released: 20th March 2015  |  BBFC Age Rating:  The Divergent Series Insurgent 12A age rating
The Divergent Series Insurgent

Directed by


Mekhi Phifer
Theo James
Miles Teller
Cynthia Barrett
Justice Leak
Lyndsi LaRose
Charlie Bodin
Octavia Spencer
Zoe Kravitz
Ben Lloyd-Hughes
Tony Goldwyn
Ashley Judd
Konrad Howard
Lucella Costa
Devon Lane Tresan
Ray Stevenson
Stephanie Schulman
Derik Pritchard
Leonardo Santaiti
Ian Casselberry
Jonny Weston
Keiynan Lonsdale
Suki Waterhouse
Emjay Anthony
Maggie Q
Kendrick Cross
Daniel Dae Kim
David Landry
Lawrence Kao
Justin Miles
Hunter Burke
Kate Rachesky
Callie Brook McClincy
Pete Burris
Justine Wachsberger
Isadore Lieberman
Nicholas Martin
Nelson Bonilla
Arian Ash
Jane Park Smith
Janet McTeer
Andrea Alcorn
Isabella Antinori
Denzell Armon
Preston Baker
Hayden Gael Barnes
Chace Beck
Patrick Constantine Bertagnolli Jr.
Austin Bollinger
Igor Bondaruk
Bradley Bowen
Aaron Brewstar
Deaven Brooks
DuRa Brown
Summer Cain
Phil Cappadora
Jeremy Carr
Trey Carter
Jack Champion
Melissa Chandler
Paul Cottman
Joseph Cox
Morgan Cryer
Taurus Davis
John Deifer
Hunter Denoyelles
Gordon Dillard Jr.
Chandler Dollahite
Garrett H. Dumas
Patricia M. Dunn
Michael Entrekin
Jason Lee Erickson
Gregory Fears
Alessandro Folchitto
Marco Fuller
Rob Fuller
Fred Galle
Krista Gibson
James Gill
Brian Gonzalez
Robert Dane Goodwin
Rich Graff
Jermaine Salute Green
Skyla Greenlees
Karlena Haase
Keith Ham
Lucky Harmon
Roger A. Harrison
Walter Hendrix III
Jae Hitch
Greg Holliday
Graham Hunt
Alphonso AQen-Aten Jackson
Isaiah John
Malcolm F. Johnson
Stephanie Jones
Lynne Jordan
Alexis Kadey
John Kap
Dom Kegel
Susan Kegel
Kate Kilcoyne
Jesse Kindred
Aaron Kirschnick
Kailey Knight
Sanya Kongdara
Ben Lamb
Dakota James Alden Lane
Sailor Larocque
Roy Larsen
Marcus Lewis
Mallorie Lindsey
Dale Liner
Eric Maldonado
Brittany Mann
Dc Martin
Keives McGaugh
Brigham McNeely
Gary Miller
LaChyra Candace Mitchell
Sarah Murphy
Roger Neal
Samuel Oden
Max Ortiz Jr.
Ryan Paddock
Jessica Paidge
Richard Pis
Zane Pittman
Aron Price
Kathy Walton Pulley
Sara Jane Ragnarök
Rebecca Ray
Dale Ritchey
Emma Elle Roberts
Manuel Rodriguez
Christabelle Rose
Medo Sanad
Nancy Sandlin
Bryleigh Saunders
A.J. Sexton
Cole Shannon
Christopher Shepard
Angela Simmons-Morgan
Cori Sims
Marian Sing
Pokey Spears
Nonoma Stonecoat
Kayleigh Stover
Jeff Strickland
Juanita J.P. Taylor
Sara Taylor-Torres
Dezirae Teal
Sue Thies
Shelby Townsend
Jaclyn Vames
John Van Horn III
Jordan Verroi
Terrence V. Walker
Diego Ward
Steve Warren
Garret Ethan Whittington
William Willet
Erick Wofford
Aja Wooldridge
Jessica Yoshimura

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Top Grossing Movie Chart Position
UK total gross
The Divergent Series Insurgent

US total gross
The Divergent Series Insurgent

Global total gross
The Divergent Series Insurgent
UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 12A
UK Box Office Release Breakdown
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 2

Weeks on box office: 5

UK Box Office Chart History
Box Office Gross Flow

20th Mar

27th Mar

3rd Apr

10th Apr

17th Apr

News from around the web

The Divergent Series Insurgent gets dethroned from the top after 3 weeks and gets replaced by Disney's live action Cinderella on its debut.

Cinderella hit UK cinemas on 27th March this year, it entered the box office at number 1 and had an incredible 11 run on the official chart then another 11 outside.

The film took an excellent £21.1 million at the UK box office making it the 163rd highest grossing film ever in the UK.

Globally the film has to date taken $542 million which makes is the 125th highest grossing film of all time.

Insurgent falls from the top to number 3 although it did have an unprecedented 3 weeks at the top.

Also new this week is: Child 44 which enters at number 2, Two by Two which is new at number 5, A Little Chaos which is new at 8 and The Falling which is new at 18.

Achieving something which hasn't been done in a fair while this week The Divergent Series Insurgent holds onto the top spot for a third week in a row.

The last film to achieve this was Disney Frozen well over a year ago, that film went on the spend most of 2014 inside the top 3 and made many trips to the top.

Highest new film of the week if The Duff which enters the Uk video chart at number 2.

The Duff was released at UK cinemas on 10th April of this year where it made its debut at number 4 of that week, although it was the highest new film.

A 4 week run saw it gross a total of £1.9 million at the UK box office.

There is only one other new film this week in the shape of Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 which enters at number 4.

The selling power of The Divergent Series Insurgent was too strong for any new comers this week although there was a trio of new films inside the top 5.

Highest new film of the week is Run All Night starring the ever popular Liam Neeson which enters the video chart at number 2.

The film was released at UK cinemas on 13th March 2015 entering the box office at number 2, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was too strong to be beaten that week.

It was a bad week for film that week and on it's debut it made less than £1 million pound, the film didn't hand around for long a disappeared after a 3 week run taking £2 million in total.

Also new inside the top 5 this week Get Hard at number 3 and The Water Diviner number 4.

Also new on the video chart this week is Robot Overlords which enters at number 7.

New at the top of the video chart this week is The Divergent Series Insurgent which takes over on its debut week of release.

Insurgent was released in UK cinemas on 20th March of 2015 where it debuted at number 2 being kept off the top by runaway kids film Home.

The film spent 5 weeks on the box office chart taking a moderate £7.8 million during its UK run.

Last weeks top film, Home, fell to 3 this week after 2 weeks holding onto the top position.

Other new films this week are: The Spongebob Movie Sponge Out of Water which is new at 2, Woman In Gold which is a new film at number 6, Good Kill which is new at number 14 and Admiral Command and Conquer new at number 15.

With it's global gross now reaching over a billion dollars across the globe Fast and Furious 7 makes it a third week as the top film.

A world gross of $196.9 million from 68 territories ensures is placing for most likely one more week as the first of the big summer blockbusters hits much of the globe next week.

Paul Blart Mall Cop is the highest new film coming in at 2 with $31.1 million from 42 countries, not a big it in many place but with little else on release to challenge this has ensured the numbers.

With Home at 3 another new film is Unfriended at 4 with $16 million from just the single location, North America, Cinderella completes the top 5.

Here is the full global top 10 for 19th April

  1. Fast and Furious 7 - $196,956,120
  2. Paul Blart: Mall Cop - $31,100,000
  3. Home - $20,700,000 $10,400,000
  4. Unfriended - $16,023,150
  5. Cinderella - $11,371,000
  6. Ever Since We Love - $10,400,000
  7. The Longest Ride - $8,950,000
  8. The Divergent Series Insurgent - $8,250,000
  9. Run All Night - $6,300,000
  10. Woman In Gold - $5,687,000