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The Internship


Aasif Mandvi
Max Minghella
Josh Brener
Tiya Sircar
Tobit Raphael
Josh Gad
Jessica Szohr
Rob Riggle
Eric André
Harvey Guillen
Gary Anthony Williams
Bruno Amato
JoAnna Garcia Swisher
Anna Enger
Sean Goulding
Jill Jane Clements
B.J. Novak
Karen Ceesay
Ashlee Heath
Jarion Monroe
Brian F. Durkin
Dean Balkwill
Valyn Hall
Linda Lil Johnston
Charlie Levy
Sophie Levy
Tess Levy
Clifton Guterman
Chasty Ballesteros
Heather Young
Dan Ford
Chuti Tiu
Fel Tengonciang
Martha B. Knighton
Doris Morgado
Molly Brady
Zane Stephens
Tiara Ramos
Jody Smith The Supertrainer
Gus Williams
Wells Chen
Laura Avnaim
Tyler Bilyeu
Andrew Blazensky
Brian Castellanos
Cabran E. Chamberlain
Hunter Clowdus
Mickey Cole Jr.
Ricky Cornett
Margie Cox
Thomas Dalby
Troy Faruk
John T. Ford
Tina Gilton
Jeff Matthew Glover
Michael D. Layden
Liana Loggins
Lucky Mangione
Carl Marino
Christopher Marrone
Julie Mayo
Ken Melde
Kristina Mickel
Kacie Jo Marta Nickles
Jimmy Ouyang
Wayne Packer
Jekyns Pelaez
Kelly Reid
Joshua Reid-Davis
Joel Rogers
Vanessa Ross
Mitchell Schwartz
Molly Shaiken
Ben Smith
Natalia Smith
Curry Stone
Rebecca Taylor
Kristopher Thiab
Etienne Vick
Michael J. Walker
Miracole Walker
Millie Wannamaker
John Michael Weatherly
Steven Wiig
Callan Wilson
Nickolas Wolf
Benjamin Wood
Caleb Woods
Brady Morales Woolery
Jacqueline Marie Zwick

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A couple of big new releases this week hit UK cinemas, both actually opened before Friday but will impact the weekend box office chart.

Now You See Me has a host of big names, Morgan Freeman, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Jesse Eisenberg and not forgetting our own Michael Caine. The story is a bank heist, of sorts, by a group of magicians.

Not much buzz or excitement around this film, it opens on a Wednesday but with little excitement it will probably have a top 5 entry.

The Internship is a Google based film about a couple of “old people” who win an internship at the search giants. Everyone who works there is very young and the 2 older guys do their best to win favour and do a good job.

Starring 2 massive comedy names in Vince Vaughn and Own Wilson, and a massive advertising campaign this could see a good opening weekend, not strong enough to displace Despicable Me 2 and I think it may struggle with Man of Steel but 3rd place entry.

Come back next week to see if I came close to predicting the entries of these 2 films.

Chart info

UK release date:

Highest chart position: 3

Weeks on box office: 5

Chart history
3 / N
5 / 
7 / 
7 / ▼▲
14 / 
Non-chart history
Finer details

Total UK gross £3,431,403 and the 1483th top grossing film in the UK

UK BBFC Certificate: 12