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Shelly Desai
Blake Clark
Art Metrano
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Summer Simaan
Jimmy Spooner
Sarah Yee
Lisel Brunson
Dolores Finch
Lisa Fink
Jerry Goldman
Gerald McKinnie
Dolores E. Sebrasky
John Stevens
Roldan Nill Williams
Sam Bauso
Ivan Dudynsky

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It's the end of the year, and which of the many films released this year was the highest grossing movie for 2010, well it was the return of our favourite toys in Disney/Pixars Toy Story 3.

Woody and friends grossed an incredible £73,405,113 during its 13 week run in the chart from late July until mid-October.

Second this year is a film released late in 2009, Avatar which this year alone £ 60,374,665, but the film also had a good gross last year and is currently the top grossing film ever in the UK.

Third on the list is the latest Harry Potter film, lower than the other films in the series but still grossing £ 44,443,734 so far, this film still has good legs though and we could see an appearance next year as well.

Finally we have Alice in Wonderland with £ 42,169,542 and Inception, which took £ 35,264,403.

Honourable mention must go to Harry Potter and Inception which managed to take decent grosses in the UK with lower ticket prices due to them not being in 3D, it's no surprise that in the top 10 films of 2010 half of them are in 3D and have the surplus on the ticket price.

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