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(1981 )

John Huston
Sylvester Stallone
Bobby Moore
Osvaldo Ardiles
Paul Van Himst
Kazimierz Deyna
Hallvar Thoresen
Mike Summerbee
Co Prins
Russell Osman
John Wark
S�ren Lindsted
Kevin OCallaghan
Max von Sydow
Gary Waldhorn
George Mikell
Laurie Sivell
Arthur Brauss
Robin Turner
Michael Wolf
J�rgen Andersen
David Shawyer
Werner Roth
Beno�t Ferreux
Jean-Fran�ois St�venin
Jack Lenoir
Zolt�n Gera
Tim Pigott-Smith
Julian Curry
Carole Laure
Clive Merrison
Maurice Ro�ves
Michael Cochrane
Jack Kendrick
Daniel Massey
Anton Diffring
Gunter Wolbert
Eolo Capacci
Michel Dhrey
Laszlo Klima
�kos Moskovits

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You can call it a victory if you like but the simple fact is that in the home movie market there is only room for one format, and in the high definition future if movie watching in the home we will be doing that on a Blu-ray device.

Toshiba has today (Tuesday) announced that it will discontinue production of all things HD-DVD which basically kills the format dead. It's been a long fought battle but in the end what is widely considered the best format won.

Was it the Playstation 3 which won the battle, I doubt it, but clearly Sony had learned a lesson with the Playstation 2, which was accounted for part of the success of DVD, and delaying the launch of the PS3 to include the high definition player has certainly helped the format along.

So what now of HD-DVD, Universal have also announced that they will switch to Blu-ray and Paramount will follow suit as well thats a given. Those who bought an HD-DVD player will be able to pick up some bargains but the releases will cease very soon and their players are destined to join the Betmax grave of home entertainment.

Blu-ray is the future of High definition disks, but some at Toshibas think that there will be no physical future for home movies, a thought shared by Microsoft who were a backer of the HD-DVD format, it'll all be downloads soon, but Im not ready for that future but I'm sure happy that Blu-ray has won this battle.

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UK BBFC Certificate: PG