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Long time Indiana Jones director Steven Spielberg won't direct the fifth movie

Robert Hyde

Indiana Jones 5
Hollywood magazine Variety is reporting that Steven Spielberg will not direct the upcoming Indiana Jones movie and will hand over duties to James Mangold.

Steven Spielberg has to date directed all the Indiana Jones films, and its always been thought he would always directed the movies, especially as his friend George Lucas has written the movies especially for the fames director to make.

The big question is has James Mangold been hand picked by Spielberg? His directing duties to date are 2019's Ford V. Ferrari (Le Mans '66 in the UK) which was nominated for a number of awards and he was the executive producer on The Greatest Showman.

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

With this in mind the big question is should be have a new Indiana Jones movie? The last film in the franchise is considered the worst, and without the Spielberg/Lucas/Ford magic can it ever live up to the franchises best moments?

Or maybe its time to hand over to a new director and get some new life in the flagging series, although Harrison Ford will certainly play Indiana Jones despite the fact he is pushing 80.

Time will tell and the release date for the movie is currently set for sometime in mid 2021.

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