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Bad Boys For Life No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.


 123 minutes (2 hours 03 minutes)
UK release date Released: 17th January 2020  |  BBFC Age Rating:  
US release date Released: 17th January 2020  |  MPAA Age Rating:  Bad Boys For Life R age rating 
Bad Boys For Life

Directed by

Adil El Arbi
Bilall Fallah


Detective Mike Lowrey
Detective Marcus Burnett
Alexander Ludwig
Charles Melton
Paola Nunez
Kate del Castillo
Isabel Aretas
Nicky Jam
Joe Pantoliano
Captain Howard
Jacob Scipio
Armando Armas
Theresa Randle
DJ Khaled
Happy Anderson
Bianca Bethune
Megan Burnett
Dennis Greene
Michael Bay
Wedding MC
Gissette Valentin
Prison Guard Hernandez
Rose Bianco
Abuela 1
Edelia Merida
Jasmin Lawrence
Gorgeous Door Woman
Shacai O'Neal
Gorgeous Door Girl
Carlos Guerrero
Massi Furlan
Lee Taglin
Chick Bernhard
Judge Sorenson
Jennifer Badger
Dr. Julie Weber
Jeff J.J. Authors
Felix the Forensics Guy
Keith Wheeler
Pastor at Wedding
Brandi Cohen
Jay Amor
Rodrigo Pena
Yessenia Hernandez
Pool Party Girl
Anthony Molinari
Ivo Nandi
Carver Remy
David Shae
Disturbed Airline Passenger
Eduardo Rosario
The Butcher
Rory Markham
Booker Grassie
Brad Sanders
Police Chaplain
Damien Butler
Lt. Butler
Bilall Fallah
Norma Alvarez
Javier's Wife
Adil El Arbi
Rideshare Driver
Christina Christensen
Female Basketball Referee
Nahima Bicelis
Female Cop on Radio
Erroll Castrillo
Police Boat Cop on Radio
Kial Butler
Skipping Stunt Cop on Radio
Sharon Pfeiffer
Tour Bus Guide
Porshia C. Joseph
Wedding Singer
Ellison Kendrick
Wedding Singer
Davis Aguila
Athena Akers
Poi Performer
Adrian De Armas
Miami Tourist
Erica Askew
Miami Beach Goer
Laura Ault
Police officer
McDaniel Austin
Misty Autery
Wedding Guest
James William Ballard
Police Officer
Sidnei Barboza
Tommy Bahama
Lyra Barillas
Hot Miami Model
Roderick Bell
Police Officer
Alex Bernadotte
Police Officer
Rosie Bernhard
Soccer Mom
Daniel Sergio Bertot
Krystel Blot
Eric Bodden
Zwaylo boy
Austin Bollinger
Police Officer
Mario Vocol Booker
Zwaylo Boy 2
Thomas Brag
Jeffrey - Cake Boy
Troy Brenna
Aretas Thug
Sergio Briones
Police Officer
Landon Brooks
Ruben E. A. Brown
South Beach Patron
Lauren Buglioli
Tom Bui
Detective Austin
Ricardo Burgos
Mall Shopper / Pedestrian
Matthew Byrge
High Ranking Police Officer
Kerwood Canel
Pedestrian / Precision driver
Santos Caraballo
Tommy Bahama Type
Matthew Carter
Club King
Ryan Castle
Damian Costello
Club Guy
Police Officer
Joe Crosson
Police Officer
Ellen Marguerite Cullivan
Wedding Guest
Karel Curras
Police Officer
LeBron Daniel
Mall Attendee
Taina Dominguez
Asjah Ferguson
Club Player
Jose Alfredo Fernandez
Cartel Member
Darin Ferraro
Spa Attendant
Frenchi Firecracker
Police Officer
Aaron R Freckleton
Alex Gailey
Miami Pedestrian
Fred Galle
Distinguished Gentleman
John Gettier
Joseph Giambrone
Tourist on Bus
Derrick Gilbert
Jenin Gonzalez
Valet precision Driver
Wil Gonzalez
Cartel Member
John C. Gregory
Alex Guevara
Taxi Driver Mexico
William Haithco III
Police Officer
Steve Heinz
High End Mall Pedestrian
Monica Henry
Police officer
Maxwell Highsmith
Wedding Friend
Elvia Hill
Police Officer
Ariel Hines
Court house spectator
Miguel Insignares
Savanna James
Cal Johnson
Lyft Driver
Onur Can Karatas
Julia Kay
Mall Visitor / Pedestrian
Melissa Kennemore
Major Patel Miami PD
Jamil Khan
Zwaylo Boy
Tony Kim
Club Guy
D.L. Lewis
Josue Louis-Charles
Beach Goer
Roy Luke
Police Officer
Arami Malaise
Hans Marrero
Ambulance Guy #1
David L. Marston
Police Officer
Eneida Mascetti
Highend Vacationer
Marx Mitchell
Police Officer
Victor Morey
Andy Nazario
Zwaylo Boy
Sarkis Ninos
Bradford Norris
Police Officer
Kiley Opsal
Brandon Parker
Police Officer
Kevin Petruski Jr.
Uniform Police Officer
Ryan L. Price
Police Officer
Nick Puya
Sargeant Normand Harris.
Diezel Ramos
Police officer
Scott Rapp
Ashae Reagan
Bikini Girl
Leah Renee-K
Officer Hemminger
Felicia M. Reyes
Mexican Prisoner
Manuel Rivera
Airplane passenger
Marlene Rivera
Airline passenger
Melissa Rodriguez
Beach Goer
Ariel Rosario
Luis Saldias
Dominique Saunders
London Seabreeze
Sexy Model
Patrice Sepulveda
South Beach Restaurant Pedestrian Couple
Jonathan Sienkiewicz
Store Shopper
Pedro Tavarez Jr.
Mall Shopper
Lindsey Thaxton
Detective Rodriquez
Brandon Michael Thomas
Police Officer
Robert Tinsley
Uniformed Police Officer
Emily Towles
Hot Miami Model
Asa Rodger Turner
Pedestrian / Mall Employee
Iliana Tzikas
Carlos Valentino
Joseph Velez
Jennifer Vo
Miami Tourist
Buddy Watkins
Officer Kittes
Maria Z. Wilson
Police Officer
Thaddeus Wilson
Jamil C. Winston
Police Officer
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19th April 2020
"Bad Boys For Life" is, undoubtedly, one of 2020's best movies. It could not have been a success without Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.
Larry Wyse
16th January 2020
Movie guy

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About 'Bad Boys For Life'
The wife and son of a Mexican drug lord embark on a vengeful quest to kill all those involved in his trial and imprisonment, this includes Miami Detective Mike Lowrey (Will Smith). When Mike gets wounded, he teams up with partner Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) to bring the culprits to justice. But the old-school, wisecracking cops must soon learn to get along with their new elite counterparts if they are to take down the vicious cartel that threatens their lives.
Top Grossing Movie Chart Position
UK total gross
Bad Boys For Life

US total gross
Bad Boys For Life

Global total gross
Bad Boys For Life
UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 15
UK Box Office Release Breakdown
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 2

Weeks on box office: 9

UK Box Office Chart History
Other Box Office History
20 March 2020
Box Office Gross Flow

17th Jan

24th Jan

31st Jan

7th Feb

14th Feb

21st Feb

28th Feb

6th Mar

The US box office has just passed the $2 Billion mark, its November, for the past few years this has happened in March.

When the pandemic spread around the world, cinemas globally started closing down, in the US this is still ongoing.

This biggest movie of the year in the US is Bad Boys For Life which has taken over $204 Million in the US, and no film will overtake that total this year, the film was released in January of 2020 and had a good run at the box office.

In context of this the biggest movie in the US was Avengers: Endgame which took over $850 Million.

Cinema Closed

To start with all blockbusters started putting their release dates to later in the year or to 2021, but as it became clear that the pandemic would last far longer than originally expected movies started to appear on streaming services.

The effect of this is all those big Hollywood blockbusters that could have, and would have, grossed close a billion either took far less on basically limited release, or nothing due to a DVOD release.


Tenet was the first movie with blockbuster potential to be release during the pandemic and although it grossed over $50 Million in the US it was a potential $800 million plus grosser.

Drive-in theatres gave a small lifeline but even a blockbuster in this arena was worth just over a Million.

With a vaccine being likely by year out to hopefully go into mass production for 2021 we can hope that 2020 will go down in history as a one off, although with companies like Disney suggesting it will release future movies on Disney+ as exclusives or day and date releases it could be bad news for the cinema industry.

After 4 weeks at the top of the global box office Christopher Nolans Tenet is replaces, this week at least, by the Chinese release Leap which makes its debut at the top.

The Chinese box office is, at the moment, by far the highest grossing market and it is responsible for the high grosses of Tenet, Mulan, The Eight Hundred and now Leap.

Here is a quicklook breakdown of the top 15.

  • Number 1 - Leap
  • Highest debut = Leap (@1)
  • Longest Run - Onward (29 weeks)
  • Highest global gross - The Eight Hundred ($441,654,352)

Weekly breakdown of the top 5 global movies 25th - 27th September 2020.


Making its debut at the top is this Chinese movie from director Peter Ho-Sun Chan and starring Li Gong which takes $24.7 Million over the weekend on its debut.

The movie is only released in China at the moment and with Tenet still to open in some territories it will be interesting to see what to top looks like in the coming weeks.


Moving from the top to number 2 after 4 weeks is the 'saviour of cinema' which quite frankly has struggles over its release so far, even in China.

This weekend the movie took $19.2 Million which brings its 5 week global total to $284.9 while it looks to cross the $300 Million mark which it could do by next weekend.

The Eight Hundred

As the movie starts to open in other territories outside China the movie falls to number 3 with $8.3 Million giving the hit movie a total gross of $441.6 Million.

This new global total means that after 7 weeks of release it is the highest grossing movie globally in 2020, beating out the previous holder Bad Boys For Life.



Starring Gerard Butler this movie has had a hard time so far, a couple of moves of release date in the UK and US has meant that the movie will most likely go to VOD in many major markets.

Of the countries it has been released in it has taken $3.3 Million and is this week a re-entry on the global box office at number 4 and after 8 weeks on the chart has taken $17.6 Million.


Disney's animated remake has had a hard time of it really, after being days away from a full on cinema release it was pulled because of the pandemic, had its release date moved a couple of time then went to Disney+.

It did get a cinema release in some countries, after complains for many people, and this weekend is at 5 with a weekend gross of $3.3 Million taking its total to $64.4 Million after 5 weeks of release.

In this age where there are no new movies (just yet) getting released and studios are re-releasing 'classic' catalogue films to get people to go back to movie theatres that a 19 year old Harry Potter movies is the top global release of the week.

We are still a couple of weeks away from Tenet, being championed as the saviour of cinema, is released so the box office is largely filled with re-releases and low budget horror movies, and as China and Japan seem to be getting back to normal there is a number of films from those territories doing well.

Here is the top 5 worldwide movies weekend 14th - 16th August 2020.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone

The first Harry Potter movie (replace Philosopher's for Sorcerers outside the UK) gets a 4K 3D rerelease in China and take $13.6 Million in the process making it the top gross global movie of the weekend.

The movie up to Sunday had taken a global gross of $996.1 Million but after a blockbuster Monday at the box office the movie has now taken over a Billion dollars in global grosses.

Bad Boys For Life

The Will Smith and Martin Lawrence buddy cop movie get a Chinese release and takes $3.2 Million on its opening weekend meaning its a re-entry on the global box office at number 2.

The movie has now taken $424.6 Million globally since its release back in mid January of 2020.

Doraemon The Movie: Nobita's New Dinosaur

Doraemon is a long running animated series in Japan and this week the latest movie in the series goes up to number 3 with a weekend gross of $2.6 Million.

The movie directed by Kazuaki Imai has now taken $15.5 Million in global grosses.

The Eight Hundred

The Eight Hundred

Acclaimed Chinese director Hu Guan's war epic is at number 4 this week as his latest movie makes its debut in China with a weekend gross of $2 Million.


Christopher Nolan's 2014 movie about space travel across the galaxy falls to number 5 with a global gross of $1.7 Million taking to movies total gross to $710.5 Million.

In the UK cinemas have started to re-open, they are not back to full capacity but they are letting people in a taking money, so what is happeneing on the first weekend back?

Things are actually re-starting right where they left off and Onward is the top film in the county, again, but there are no new releases and a bunch of 'classic' film on the chart.

Here is a rundown of the top 5 UK movies last weekend.


Pixars latest animated fantasy was the top film over the weekend 13th - 15th March, the last weekend before cinemas had to close because of COVID-19, and the first weekend back, some 3 months+ later its still at the top!

To show how slow things are and that cinemas are not filling to capacity the movie has taken £21,626 over the weekend.

This puts the films total gross to £5.2 Million 4 weeks (sort of) after release.

Trolls World Tour

Trolls World Tour

The most controversial film over the COVID-19 close down, the Universal movie was to get a full theatrical release at the end of March, but because of the close down was released onto streaming.

Universal saw this as a good move and announced that they would be releasing many of their films to streaming at the same time as its theatrical release in the future which angered many cinema chains including AMC which owns the UK chain ODEON who vowed not to carry any future Universal releases, although with AMC now struggling to stay open who knows what will happen?

The movie is showing in cinemas and this week is sort of the highest new film with a weekend gross of £17K putting the total gross in cinemas to £25.7K.

Bad Boys For life

The buddy cop movie starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence is at 3 this week with £16K and a total of £16 Million after 10 weeks on the chart.

The Greatest Showman

The first 'classic' movie on the box office is at 4 this week with the Hugh Jackman 2017 smash hit which made the top of the chart in early 2018.

The movie takes £15K over the weekend and has taken £49 Million after 22 weeks on the chart.


The years top grossing film is at number 5 this week with £12.7K putting the films total gross to £43.7 Million after 2 weeks on the chart.

With cinemas still closed across the UK the home video market is still doing well and this week Birds Of Prey re-enters the chart at the top after getting the traditional Blu-Ray and digital to own release.

Here is a rundown of the top 5 movie you can view at home.

Birds Of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn)

Starring Margot Robbie the DC supervillain movie re-enters the video chart at the top after its initial release earlier in the year.

The movie as hit at the box office back in February of 2020 where it made nearly £9 Million.


Despite being panned by critics the Robert Downey Jr. movie has turned into a bit of a hit at the box office and now on home video.

The movie goes back up to number 3 this week on its third week of release.


The top grossing movie of 2020 so far falls to number 3 this week on its seventh week of release.

The Personal History Of David Copperfield

The Personal History Of David Copperfield

Another film which had a "home box office" release earlier in the year and now goes back up the chart on its blu-ray and digital to own release.

The Dev Patel starring movie is at number 4 this week.

Sonic The Hedgehog

The speedy blue hedgehog falls from the top to number 5 this week on its 11th week of release.

Here is the top 10 home video releases this week

  1. Birds Of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn)
  2. Dolittle
  3. 1917
  4. The Personal History Of David Copperfield
  5. Sonic The Hedgehog
  6. Bad Boys For Life
  7. Onward
  8. Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker
  9. The Call Of The Wild
  10. Jumanji: The Next Level