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 126 minutes (2 hours 06 minutes)
UK release date Released: 28th February 2020  |  BBFC Age Rating:  
US release date Released: 6th December 2019  |  MPAA Age Rating:  Dark Waters PG-13 age rating 
Dark Waters

Directed by

Todd Haynes


Rob Bilott
Sarah Barlage Bilott
Tim Robbins
Tom Terp
Bill Pullman
Harry Dietzler
Bill Camp
Wilbur Tennant
Victor Garber
Phil Donnelly
Mare Winningham
Darlene Kiger
William Jackson Harper
James Ross
Louisa Krause
Carla Pfeiffer
Kevin Crowley
Larry Winter
Bruce Cromer
Kim Burke
Denise Dal Vera
Sandra Tennant
Richard Hagerman
Joe Kiger
Abi Van Andel
Kathleen Welch
John Newberg
Dr. Gillespie
Barry Mulholland
Charles Holliday
Jeffrey Grover
Edward Wallace
Jim Azelvandre
Jim Tennant
Bucky Bailey
Bucky Bailey
Marcia Dangerfield
Brian Gallagher
Michael Haney
Managing Partner
Barry G. Bernson
Retired Partner
Michael King
Unpleasant Partner
Greg Violand
Union Carbide Lawyer
Michael Joseph Thomas Ward
DOW Lawyer
John Moll
Exxon Lawyer
Clara Harris
Bella Falcone
Crystal Tennant (11-13)
Scarlett Hicks
Amy Tennant (10-12)
Amy Morse
Tom's Secretary
Aidan Brogan
Teddy Bilott (12-14)
Nathan Slaughter
Teddy Bilott (7-10)
Graham Caldwell
Teddy Bilott (3-5)
Beau Hartwig
Tony Bilott (10-11)
Jacob Bukowski
Tony Bilott (4)
Keating P. Sharp
Charlie Bilott (11-12)
Mikel Furlow
Silas Pfeiffer (5)
Amy Warner
Sarah's Mother
Linnea Bond
David Myers Gregory
Diner Owner
Shyra Thomas
Ian Short
Kyndra Jefferies
Courtney DeCosky
All-American Mom
Ken Early
Chair of the Hearing
Kelly Mengelkoch
Dr. Mary-Sue Kimball
Annie Fitzpatrick
Buz Davis
Fire Captain
Ronald Jenkins
Security Guard
Wynn Reichert
Mike Seely
Dr. Brooks
Teri Clark
Brian Robertson
Chaney Morrow
Young Farmer
Jon Osbeck
Sarah's Brother
Clyde Tyrone Harper
Judge #2
Lisa DeRoberts
Young Mother
Sara Mackie
Young Woman
Nathan Neorr
Local Reporter
Barbara Ann Crumm
Courtroom Deputy
Sheryl Annette Colley
Courtroom Employee
Logan Laskarzewski
Phil Fiorini
Manuel Venegas Zepeda
Benihana Chef
Jennie Malone
Guitar Player / Singer
Jason M. Griggs
Allied Lawyer
George Zamary
Awbury Lawyer
Kurt Roberson
Todd Minobe
Cow Puppeteer #1
Jim Laprelle
Cow Puppeteer #2
Sydney Miles
Laura Doggett
Catch Farley
Scruffy Boy
Trent Rowland
Tall Boy
Geoff Falk
Worker #1
Glen Yrigoyen
Worker #2
Elizabeth Marvel
Dr. Karen Frank
Mark Angel
Denise Barone
Arby's Customer
Judy McQueen Bauer
Patient / Blood Test
Lea Hutton Beasmore
EPA / Dinner Guest
Anita Farmer Bergman
EPA Agent
Bill Bower
Steven Brittingham
Taft Lawyer
John E. Brownlee
Taft Lawyer
Lyman Chen
Hack Scientist
Tyler Craig
William Cross
Sarah's Father
Laura Dejean
Bar Patron / Cincinnati Pedestrian
Corey Dolan
Taft Lawyer
Richard Doone
EPA Man / Taft Law Partner
Terry Dunn
George W. Ellerman
Court Room Gallery
Kathleen Ellerman
Court Room Gallery
Mark Falvo
Court Room Gallery
Reese Foster
Church Parishioner
David Fultz
Blood Test Patient
Keith Gavigan
Robert Gerding
Sammy Geroulis
Taft Lawyer
John W. Harden
Al Harland
Parkersburg Citizen
Trina Hayes
Parkersburg Woman / Church Member
Dennis Craig Hensley
DuPont Lawyer
Daniel R. Hill
DuPont Security Guard
Marc Hockl
Church Goer
Sue Hopkins
Rob Bilott's Mother
Matt Hudson
Police Officer
Steven Hudson
Registered Nurse
Trenton Hudson
Medical Patient
Conner P. Kelley
Angel Kerns
Parkersburg Resident
Jim Kirsch
Taft Lawyer
Bret Aaron Knower
Karen Koester
Chemical Wife
Paul Kulis
Taft Lawyer
Julie Leskiv
Wilbur's Family
Viktoria Leskiv
Wilbur's Family
Michael Lineman
Camera Operator
Kenny Lykins
Wilbur Tennant's Nephew
Gary Maloney
Taft Lawyer
Anita S Martin
EPA Hearing Attendee
Rodger Masten
Hand Double
Bryan McCallum
Taft Lawyer
Karen Olchovy
Parkersburg Resident
Michelle Peter
Office Nurse
David Pittinger
Taft Lawyer
Derek Polen
Taft Lawyer
Joanne Popolin
EPA Lawyer / Taft Lawyer
Joseph m Robinson
Church Parishioner
Steven Schraub
Taft Lawyer
Ramona Schwalbach
Plantiff's Family
Harrison Sheckler
Paralegal Intern Harrison
Kevin W. Shiveley II
Taft Lawyer
Elaine Marie Smith
EPA Official
Tera Smith
Business Woman
James Logan Steed
Carly Tamborski
EPA Hearing Attendee / Church Parishioner
Damian Tanenbaum
Kathleen Tawney
Blood Mobile RN
Caleb Dwayne Tucker
Parkersburg Resident
Andrew Van Camp
Hipster Student
Steven Terry Walker
Taft Partner
Ming Wang
Ryan Yates
Church Parishioner, Blood Test Patient
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10th May 2020

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UK total gross
Dark Waters

UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 12A
UK Box Office Release Breakdown
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 4

Weeks on box office: 4

UK Box Office Chart History
Box Office Gross Flow

28th Feb

6th Mar

13th Mar

The UK box office has a change at the top as director Leigh Whannell's take on The Invisible Man knocks Sonic The Hedgehog from the top while true life thriller Dark Waters makes its debut at number 4.

The Invisible Man

Starring Elisabeth Moss this monster movie makes its debut at the top of the UK box office with a weekend gross of £2.1 Million.

Contributing to the surprise success is the very positive reviews from both critics and public alike.

We can expect this movie to continue to do well over the coming weeks especially as the only competition coming up is the Pixar movie Onward which is aimed at a totally different demographic.

Sonic The Hedgehog

The Jim Carrey starring film falls from the top to number 2 this week with a weekend gross of £1.9 Million.

This takes the movies total UK gross to £17.2 Million making it not only one of the most successful video game adaptation but by far the top Jim Carrey film in 10 years.


The South Korean Oscar darling remains at number 3 this week with a take of £1 Million taking its total gross in the UK to £10.3 Million after 4 weeks of release.

<span class='red'><u><i><b>Dark Waters</b></i></u></span>

Dark Waters

Making its debut at number 4 this week of this Todd Haynes directed drama starring Mark Ruffalo which takes £860,942 over its first weekend.


Robert Downey Jr. take on the man who walks and talks with animals falls to number 5 this week with £837,444 taking the films total gross to £15.1 Million after 4 weeks.


The World War drama is the top total grossing film this week with £42.8 Million and the longerst running film on the chart this week with 8 weeks.

At the UK box office this weekend, Friday, 28th February 2020, there are 6 new releases looking to take your attention at the local multiplex and knock Sonic The Hedgehog from the top of the UK box office chart next week.

<span class='red'><u><i><b>Dark Waters</b></i></u></span>

The Invisible Man

First up at cinemas this week is The Invisible Man, a movie directed by Leigh Whannell who also directed Insidious Chapter 3 in 2015 which grossed £3.9 Million in the UK.

It stars Elisabeth Moss who last starred in Shirley (2020).

The film also stars Oliver Jackson-Cohen who last appeared in The Healer (2017).

Dark Waters

Next on this weeks new release schedule is Dark Waters.

This new movie stars Mark Ruffalo who's last film was Avengers: Endgame (2019)

It also stars Anne Hathaway who appeared in The Hustle (2019).

The film is brought to us by Todd Haynes.


Next up this week is Wendy which is directed by Benh Zeitlin who directed Beasts Of The Southern Wild in 2012.

It stars Yashua Mack and Devin France.

True History Of The Kelly Gang

Also this week there is True History Of The Kelly Gang from director Justin Kurzel who also directed The Assassin in 2016.

The film features George MacKay and Essie Davis in starring roles.


The long list of new releases continues with Downhill which is directed by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash directing together.

It stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell.

Color Out Of Space

Finally there is Color Out Of Space from director Richard Stanley who also directed Hardware in 1990, the film stars Nicolas Cage and Joely Richardson.

Check back on Monday to see if these new releases enter the UK Weekend Box Office Chart.

Come back next week when there are 3 new releases.

  • Onward, Friday, 6th March
  • Military Wives, Friday, 6th March
  • Fantasy Island, Friday, 6th March

Last week saw Sonic The Hedgehog at the top of the UK box office, can any of this weeks new releases do enough to top the chart this weekend?

The Call Of The Wild


First up at cinemas this week is Greed, a Dramatic movie directed by Michael Winterbottom who also directed The Claim in 2001 which grossed £85.6 Thousand in the UK.

It stars Steve Coogan who last starred in Stan And Ollie (2019).

The film also stars David Mitchell who last appeared in Gun Shy (2017).

The Call Of The Wild

Next on this weeks new release schedule is The Call Of The Wild.

This new Dramatic movie stars Harrison Ford who's last film was Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker (2019)

It also stars Karen Gillan who appeared in Spies In Disguise (2019).

The film is brought to us by new director Chris Sanders.

Little Joe

Next up this week is Little Joe which is directed by Jessica Hausner who directed Amour Fou in 2015.

It stars Emily Beecham and Ben Whishaw.

The Public

Also this week there is The Public from director Emilio Estevez who also directed Men At Work in 1991.

The film features Alec Baldwin and Taylor Schilling in starring roles.

Like A Boss

The long list of new releases continues with Like A Boss which is directed by Miguel Arteta who directed Cedar Rapids in 2011.

It stars Billy Porter and Salma Hayek.

Check back on Monday to see where these cinema releases end up on the Weekend Box Office Chart.

Come back next week when there are 6 new releases.

  • The Invisible Man, Friday, 28th February
  • Dark Waters, Friday, 28th February
  • Downhill, Friday, 28th February
  • True History Of The Kelly Gang, Friday, 28th February
  • Color Out Of Space, Friday, 28th February
  • Wendy, Friday, 28th February