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I Still Believe

 116 minutes (1 hours 56 minutes)
UK release date
US release date Released: 13th March 2020  |  MPAA Age Rating:  I Still Believe PG age rating 
I Still Believe

Directed by

Andrew Erwin
Jon Erwin


Britt Robertson
Melissa Henning
Heather Henning
K.J. Apa
Jeremy Camp
Gary Sinise
Tom Camp
Shania Twain
Terry Camp
Nathan Parsons
Jean-Luc La Joie
Abigail Cowen
Adrienne Camp
Reuben Dodd
Josh Camp
Tanya Christiansen
Janette Henning
Cameron Arnett
Dr. Furst
Nicolas Bechtel
Young Jeremy
Gregory Hobson
Shee Dueitt
Discharge Nurse Pundt
Hali Everette
Megan Henning
Liam Kelly
Alyssa Gonzalez
Orientation Guide
Tera Smith
Concert Fan
Denise Morris
Concert Fan
Vanessa Padla
College Mom
Nicholas G. Sims
College Student
Katie Anne Moy
Griffin Hood
Rebecca Chulew
Funeral Attendee
Sahjanan Nasser
Lisa VanAmburg
Sharonne Lanier
Jason Gaines
Stage Crew (Guitar Tech)
Edward Rashad Smith
Tattooed Guard
Brittney Tamberg
Personal Assistant
Douglas DeLisle
Hospital Patient
Patricia Marion
B. Ford
Chris Angerdina
Stage Hand
Jubilee Lampron
Concert Attendee
Jetta Smith
Concert Fan
Steven Laney
Rhyland Richards
Carnival & concert attendee
Jonathan Cascio
Concert Attendee & Wedding Guest
Rhonda Huete
Frazzled Receptionist
Bennett Wayne Dean Sr.
Hospital Visitor
Doris Dean
Hospital Visitor
Curtis Maynard
Concert audience attendee
Mark Singleton
Stage Crew

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This is down nearly 75% from last weeks total and puts the movies total at $60.3 Million.

One small glimer of hope is that Pixar films do tend to have longevity and providing the cinema closures in many US states is lifted in April and the schools might still be closed this movie could make money late in its run.



Many new films have had their release dates moved due to the viral outbreak but this movie still got a release, and maybe coupled with bad reviews and word of mouth the movie enters at number 2 but to only $9.1 Million.

The road ahead does not look good for the movie and the studio may just cut its losses in the coming weeks and put the film on streaming way before expected.

I Still Believe

The faith based movie has a good opening weekend and makes its debut at number 3 with $9.1 Million.

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This puts the movies total gross at $64.3 Million after 3 weeks of release and you cant help thinking the movie would be over the $100 million mark in a normal market.

Universal have announced that the movie will be released on streaming for $19.99 this coming Friday so it will be interesting to see what effect this has on the film box office performance, even with all the cinema closures.

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With the global coronavirus pandemic stopping much of the world from leaving home to go to a movie theatre Vin Diesels new movie superhero movie makes its debut at number 1 dropping Onward to number 2.


Making its debut at the top of the global box office this week is Vin Diesel's foray into the superhero realm which makes its debut at the top with $24.4 Million from 51 countries.

The film got bad reviews from critics and public alike and despite people not venturing out the house to movie theatre it is hard to say if the film would have done much better if they had.

The road ahead does not look good and with Universal and Warner both announcing today the recent box office films are hitting streaming on Friday this could join the list sooner rather than later.


The new Pixar film is also suffering from the fear of the coronavirus and the movie falls to number 2 this week with $17.3 Million from 48 countries.

This brings the movies total gross to $101.6 Million after 2 weeks of release, and despite the good reviews and word of mouth this will end up on the lower end of Pixar movies box office.

The Invisible Man

The Universal monster movie falls to 3 this week with $12.2 Million from 66 countries for a $122.7 Million total gross after 3 weeks.

I Still Believe

This faith based movie is at 4 this week take a very good $9.7 Million from just 6 countries, this means the road ahead could look better than expected.

The Hunt

Also new this week is the new movie from director Craig Zobel which takes $6.02 Million from just 5 countries.


Next weeks box office will be interesting as many countries including Italy, France, Germany, UK and America are either locking down or recommending people stay indoors and many new releases and getting put back to later in the year meaning the box office takings for the next few weeks might not fully reflect what could have been.