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The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

UK release date Released: 14th August 2015  |  BBFC Age Rating:  
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Directed by


Armie Hammer
Alicia Vikander
Luca Calvani
Sylvester Groth
Christian Berkel
Misha Kuznetsov
Guy Williams
Marianna Di Martino
Julian Michael Deuster
Andrea Cagliesi
Riccardo Calvanese
Peter Stark
David Menkin
Pablo Scola
Cesare Taurasi
Riccardo Flammini
Francesco De Vito
Luca Della Valle
Simona Caparrini
David Beckham
Alessandro Ananasso
Joana Metrass
Gabriel Farnese
Elbio Bonsaglio
Michael Peluso
Alan Turkington
Sergio Marini
Arpit Chaudhary
Gordon Alexander
Lasco Atkins
Nic Bernasconi
Nicolas Bosc
Alexander Bracq
Vivien Bridson
Nicon Caraman
Trevor Comber
Pamela Betsy Cooper
Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro
Graham Curry
Gary Douglas
Amanda Edwards
Dave Evans
Craig Goult
Alexander Hathaway
James Henri-Thomas
George Hewer
John Hiorns
Philip Howard
Sayed Kassem
Andrea Kerry
Jefferson King
Hrvoje Klecz
Jorge Leon Martinez
Mickey Lewis
Christopher Marsh
Grayson James Matthews
Stuart Matthews
Jonathan Nadav
Claudia Newman
Hugh O'Brien
Lazaros Pasdekis
Ed Pearce
Gino Picciano
Mike Pinfield
Mark Preston
James Michael Rankin
Anthony Ray
Luca Ribezzo
David G. Robinson
Jd Roth-round
David Martel Santana
Daniel Tyler-Smith
Danny Vardanian
Daniel Westwood
Anick Wiget
Lisa-Marie Wragg
Ben Wright
Ekaterina Zalitko
Andrew Zographos
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Top Grossing Movie Chart Position
UK total gross
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 12
UK Box Office Release Breakdown
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 4

Weeks on box office: 5

UK Box Office Chart History
Other Box Office History
2 October 2015
9 October 2015
16 October 2015
23 October 2015
20 November 2015
4 December 2015
Box Office Gross Flow

14th Aug

21st Aug

28th Aug

4th Sep

11th Sep

Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation this week takes over as the top film on the Video charts on its debut week of release.

Rogue Nation was release at the UK box office, after being brought forward, on the 31st July 2015 to good reviews and a number 1 debut.

The film had a good run on the box office staying on the official top 15 for 9 weeks and had an extra 4 weeks floating around the box office.

Rogue Nation is the 172nd highest grossing film in the UK with a total gross of £21 million, it is also the 77th highest grossing film in the world with $682.1 million.

Ant-Man after a new entry at the top falls down to number 4 this week.

Also new on the UK video charts this week is Pixels at number 3 and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. at number 6.

Across the global box office this week Terminator Genisys gets a return to the top thanks to big numbers from its Chinese release.

The film was a relatively big hit earlier in the year on its western release and now gets a big boost and goes back on top, from 26 countries it takes $23.7 million for a global $409 million.

Highest new film of the week if War Room which is new at number 9, the faith based film take $11.3 million from just 11 countries.

Top grossing film on the chart is Minions which break the $ 1 Billion barrier this week and becomes the fourth film in 2015 to do so.

Here is the full global top 10.

  1. Terminator Genisys - $23,790,000
  2. Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation - $23,600,000
  3. Straight Outta Compton - $19,743,530
  4. Minions - $17,824,480
  5. Hitman Agent 47 - $16,950,000
  6. Hundred Regiments Offensive - $16,200,000
  7. The Dead End - $14,000,000 $14,000,000
  8. Inside Out - $12,256,000
  9. War Room - $11,325,000
  10. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. - $9,970,000

In a mixed up week at the UK box office, using figures including 2 days of previews Adam Sandlers Pixels takes over a the top, the true winner is Inside Out.

If you take away the 2 days of previews Pixar's Inside Out is by far the biggest film of the weekend, and indeed of the week with only a 3% drop from the previous weeks takings.

But lets not take away from the given champion and Pixels duly takes over at the top of the UK box office with a weekend gross of £2.7 million.

After a slamming from critics last weeks top film, Fantastic Four, makes a dramatic fall from the top and lands at number 6 this week with a total gross after 2 weekends of £4.8 million.

The re-image of the superhero franchise simply hasn't worked and the new film will come no-where near the 2005 version which took £12.4 million or it's sequel 4: Rise of The Silver Surfer which took almost the same amount.

Other new film this week include The Man From U.N.C.L.E. at number 4 and Trainwreck, on a limited release, at number 5, Simon Pegg's new film Absolutely Anything enters at number 9.

Historical charts

A year ago
The Inbetweeners 2 continued their run at the top of the box office while The Expendables 3 was new at 3.

Five years ago
Toy Story 3 continued to rule the box office at the top while the critically panned The Last Airbender was new at 3.

Ten years ago
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory was still the top film in the UK while new at 2 was The Island with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson

Fifteen years ago
Gone In 60 Seconds stayed at the top for another week while, no new entries inside the top 5 so Rules of Engagement entered highest at number 6.

Twenty years ago
Batman Forever gave up the top spot to the much criticised Waterworld starring Kevin Costner and directed by Kevin Reynolds.

Twenty five years ago
Tom Cruise was at the top with Days of Thunder on its debut weekend knocking Total Recall into second place.

Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation stays the top film across the globe for another week although in comparison it is released in 63 countries whereas Straight Outta Compton shows strong figures from America alone.

Rogue Nation takes $63 million globally this week and is starting to slow down, it's global take is now $373.4 which should put it ahead of part 3 but it will struggle to beat the others.

Compton makes an impressive debut at number 2 with $56 million from America alone, it gets released across the globe in the coming weeks but its home territory is where the audience is.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. makes it's debut this week at number 3 from 24 countries with $25.5 million, it will be seen as a disappointment.

Here is the full global top 10

  1. Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation - $63,100,000
  2. Straight Outta Compton - $56,106,165
  3. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. - $25,535,000
  4. Fantastic Four - $24,200,000
  5. Go Away Mr. Tumor - $21,500,000
  6. Minions - $20,161,200
  7. Veteran - $18,250,000
  8. Pixels - $15,415,000
  9. Inside Out - $13,435,000
  10. Brothers Blood Against Blood - $13,040,000

Starring some of the biggest names in hip hop Straight Outta Compton this week smashes into the top spot in American on it's debut week.

Directed by F. Gary Gary and starring the likes of Ice Cube and Dr. Dre the semi autobiographical film takes the top spot with a weekend gross of $56.1 million.

After a couple of weeks at the top Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation falls a single place to number 2, in America the film has to date grossed $138 million.

Also new in America is The Man From U.N.C.L.E. which rather disappointingly limps into 3rd on the box office.

Highest grossing film on the US top 12 this week is Minions at number 8 which has a US gross of $312 million so far.

Check out the full top 12 on 25thframe.co.uk