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The Wretched No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.


 95 minutes (1 hours 35 minutes)
UK release date BBFC Age Rating:  
  |  MPAA Age Rating: Not Rated
The Wretched

Directed by

Brett Pierce
Drew T. Pierce


Piper Curda
Jamison Jones
Azie Tesfai
Zarah Mahler
Kevin Bigley
Gabriela Quezada Bloomgarden
Richard Ellis
Blane Crockarell
Judah Abner Paul
Jalayah Washington
Amy Waller
Ross Kidder
Officer Guthrie
Kasey Bell
Officer Kopitar
Harry Burkey
Old Fisherman
Trudie Underhill
Elderly Woman
Sydne Mikelle
Tug Coker
Mr. Gambel
Madelynn Stuenkel
The Wretch
Owen Thomas Pierce
Baby Sam
Pamela Gray
Counselor Rutland
Ryan Alexander Holmes
Kenzie Jones
Ashley Gambel
Oliver Jones
Party Goer
Eric Guenter Weber
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UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 15

With US cinemas still showing no signs of fully re-opening due a massive surge i the COVID-19 pandemic the box office figures are still largely relying on drive-ins

This week the low budget Relic hits the top of the 'box office' on its debut with the rest of the charts moving around but the numbers are all quite small!

Here is a rundown of the top 5 movies in the US 3rd - 5th July 2020.


Directed by Natalie Erika James on her debut this low budget horror movie stars Emily Mortimer and takes $192K on its debut and is the top movie of the week.

The Wretched

<span class='red'><u><i><b>The Wretched</b></i></u></span>

The movie has now surely reached cult status and has been the most dominant movie during the pandemic closures and this week it moves back to number 2 with $25K.

After 10 weeks the movie has now made $1.6 Million at the US box office.


The Antoine Le directed movie is at 3 this week with $23K and after 3 weeks has taken $423K.


5 weeks in and the Lulu Wilson starring movie takes $20K for the weekend and $903K in total.

Miss Juneteenth

Channing Godfrey Peoples directs this movie about a black beauty pageant which takes $11K this week for a 2 week total of $70K.

We are still relying on data mainly from Drive-in theatres but we have a new number 1 film this week in the shape of horror movie Becky which makes its debut at the top knocking The Wretched from the top.

What is nice is that we are closing in on having a full top 10 this week! There is only a month before we should start seeing things ramping up and cinemas opening, at least the ones who survive!

Here is a rundown of the top 5 movies in the US this weekend.


From directors Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion comes this comedy thriller which takes the top spot on its debut week of release with just over $205K from 45 theatres.

The Wretched

After spending an incredible 5 weeks at the top the Brett Pierce and Drew T. Pierce directed movie falls to number 2 with just over $205k, in fact it is just $600 off being at the top!

The movie has not taken just over a Million dollars on its 6 week run.

Max Winslow And The House Of Secrets

Director Sean Olson's movie is at number 3 this week with $1,231 as it brings its total US gross to $2,360 after 2 weeks of release.


Trevor Hardy's animated movie takes $795 on its 4th weekend of release for an $11.6K total.

Sex And The Future

This would normall have disappeared from anywhere without trace but the Luis Carlos Hueck and Ethan Zvi Kaplan directed movie takes $745 on its debut to enter at 5.

There is still no official box office being reported in the US but from the drive-in theatres that are reporting The Wretched spends an amazing fourth weekend at the top with We Summon The Darkness reported at the top new film.

Here is a breakdown of the top 5 films.

The Wretched

The movie expanded from 21 theatres to 59 this weekend and in the process remained the top film with a weekend take of $186K.

This puts the film total gross at $548.6K and it has to be asked if the movie can make it to $1 Million, maybe just from drive-in's.

We Summon The Darkness

We Summon The Darkness

Directed by Marc Meyers and starring Alexandra Daddario and Keean Johnson, this supernatural horror movie takes a respectable $30.2K on its debut.

The Trip To Greece

A couple of familiar faces pop up at number 3 as a new entry as Director Michael Winterbottom continues his 'The Trip To' series.

This is the fourth in the series and all star Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon mainly having a chat over dinner, this entry enters the US box office with $1.1K.

How To Build A Girl

Directed by Coky Giedroyc this comedy spends its third weekend on the box office with $1K taking its total to $67.5K.

True History Of The Kelly Gang

Finishing off the US box office this week is the Justin Kurzel directed movie which take $324 for a $450.5K total.

There is still no official box office numbers getting released but with many drive-in cinemas across America open and reporting numbers horror movie The Wretched spends a third week at the top of the US cinema chart.

Here is the top 5 films in America this weekend

The Wretched

Spending a third weekend at the top this horror film from directors Brett Pierce and Drew T. Pierce took $85K from its drive-in showings to bring its total gross in the US to nearly $300K.

How To Build A Girl

Starring Beanie Feldstein this comedy movie stays at number 2 this weekend for a second week taking $36K for a total gross of $55K.

Circles: The Restorative Justice Project

Circles: The Restorative Justice Project

This is kind of the highest new entry of the week although it was released in 2018!

The documentary feature directed by Cassidy Friedman takes $4k over the weekend, the film wisely taking advantage of the lack of new films at the cinema.


This animated feature from May of 2019 spends its second week on the box office (of sorts) taking $1.5K on its second weekend pushing its total to $4K.

The Burnt Orange Heresy

With a take of $55 this drama directed by Giuseppe Capotondi spends its fourth weekend on the box office, it has now taken $40K.


We know under normal circumstances the American box office would have been far different than this but its fun to take a look at what is happening across the county with the movie industry until we get more theatres opening.

At the moment the studios are hoping that will be by July when Warner Bros. have their big tentpole picture Tenet directed by Christopher Nolan opening.

Cinemas across the globe are still largely closed due to COVID-19 but some cinemas in America and globally are starting to open.

Drive-in theatres where there are 305 across America with 549 screen have opened and also Norway and South Korea are still report box office charts.

The US chart only has five film so here are the figures from those movies where distributers have reported figures and also a global chart compiled from the countries that have released data.

US Box Office

The Wretched

Directed by Brett Pierce and Drew T. Pierce this horror movie got well received by critics when released on VOD in other countries and is doing well in drive-in move theatres across America as it take $89,608 over the weekend.

The movie got its debut last weekend and has made $165,294 in total to date at the box office.

How To Build A Girl

How To Build A Girl

Starring Beanie Feldstein and Emma Thompson this comedy made its debut this weekend so in essence is the highest new film with $13,201.

The film went direct to VOD a few weeks ago and its impossible to tell how much it will make on its "box office" run.

Clifton Hill

Starring Tuppence Middleton this drama set around Niagara Falls takes $1,764 over the weekend for a $23,679 total,

True History Of The Kelly Gang

Released back in late April this drama is directed by Justin Kurzel and takes $1,456 over the weekend for a $32,496 total after 2 weeks of release.

The Burnt Orange Heresy

Released on 6th March this drama stars Elizabeth Debicki and Donald Sutherland and takes $45 over the weekend for a $39,633 total after 9 weeks.

Global Box Office

A Rainy Day In New York

A Rainy Day In New York

Directed by Woody Allen this New York based movie was release in South Korea this week where it is the top film and took $339,633 from 563 cinemas.

The film is set to be released on streaming on 5th June in the UK but has taken $344,283 to date.

Escape From Pretoria

Making its debut again in South Korea the Daniel Radcliffe starring movie took $136,250, globally the movie has taken $176,208 to date.

Trolls World Tour

One of the most controversial movie in recent times the Trolls followup in from Universal, the controversy is not due to the content but the fact that its success on VOD has lead Universal to think about which film it releases in cinemas and which film it releases on both at the same time, a move AMC and Cinemark have not been happy with.

The film takes $126,662 (from South Korea) on its debut and has actually taken $2.6 Million globally since release on 6th April 2020.

Farewell My Concubine

There are no major blockbusters being released during this time so cinema chains are looking to fill their screens with older movies and so this 26 year old movie is the fourth top film this week.

The movie makes $111,157 from its single country release but the film has taken $5.6 Million globally since its initial release.

Love The Way You Are

This Asian movie directed by Mengying Dai and Tong Zhou is at number 5 and takes $73,635 over the weekend, it has taken $2.6 Million since release on 21st June 2019 in China where it has grossed $2.1 Million.


The top film in Norway was Onwards which took $17,208 which places it at number 11 on the global box office this week, it has taken $104,080,103 globally.