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A Dogs Way Home

A Dogs Way Home

Directed by

Charles Martin Smith


Ashley Judd
Jonah Hauer-King
Edward James Olmos
Alexandra Shipp
Chris Bauer
Barry Watson
Motell Gyn Foster
Wes Studi
John Cassini
Brian Markinson
Patrick Gallagher
Broadus Mattison
Rolando Boyce
Cesar De Len
Arielle Tuliao
Benjamin Ratner
Evan Gillmore
Jennifer Marshall
Darcy Laurie
Lucia Walters
Christine Willes
Camille Sullivan
Leo Chiang
Veenu Sandhu
Tammy Gillis
Rob LaBelle
David Lewis
Damonde Tschritter
Everick Golding
Kimi Alexander
Troy Rudolph
Gregory Tunner
Spencer Drever
Sean Quan
Javier Lacroix
Jackie Minns
John Wardlow
Camille Atebe
Jennifer Gibson
Shelby The Dog
Gusto The Dog
Murphy the Dog
Farrah Aviva
Lane Edwards
Jesse Miller

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PETA Scores Legal Win in 'A Dog's Way Home' Defamation Suit  TMZ

PETA's celebrating a legal W that it hopes will be a big step in putting an end to using live animals in movies like "A Dog's Way Home."

Mon, 8th July 2019

‘Buddy,’ a moving tribute to dogs, opens at MFAH Friday  Houston Chronicle

The bond between human and canine has been celebrated in such recent Hollywood films as “A Dog's Journey” and a “A Dog's Way Home.” But rarely has it ...

Wed, 26th June 2019

Who let the dogs out?  Argonaut

During the summer, I have been surrounded by the drooly animal we all love — the dog. He has followed me in my own home and dragged me to the dog park ...

Wed, 3rd July 2019

The Queen’s Corgi review: There aren’t enough cute dogs to disguise the fact that it’s a pretty unimaginative  The Sun

Movie fans have been spoilt for choice when it comes to animations this year, but directors Ben Stassen and Vincent Kesteloot's Buckingham Palace-set caper ...

Fri, 5th July 2019

‘A Dog’s Way Home’ Review: A Trek to Pull the Heartstrings  The New York Times

In this film, based on a novel by W. Bruce Cameron, a dog named Bella (with the voice of Bryce Dallas Howard) must make an arduous journey.

Thu, 10th January 2019

A Dog's Way Home: How real life Bella was rescued before being cast in movie  Mirror Online

Exclusive clip reveals how cute real life dog Bella was rescued before the film A Dog's Way Home.

Wed, 9th January 2019

14th January 2019

In a time when superhero movies and special effects extravagansas rule its good to see a story driven Drama/Comedy hot the top spot with The Upside beating Aquaman this weekend.

<span class='highlight-purple'><i>A Dogs Way Home</i></span>

The Upside

Film fans went for the Kevin Heart and Bryan Cranston starring comedy this weekend directed by Neil Burger in a pleasant surprise for the post holiday box office.

In a low taking box office the new release takes $19.5 million on its debut weekend.


Falling to number 2 this weekend the new memeber of the global $1 Billion club takes $17.2 million to boost its total US gross to $287.8 million.

A Dogs Way Home

Also new this week at number 3 is this dog based film starring Bryce Dallas Howard and directed by Charles Martin Smith which manages a debut weekend of $11.3 million.

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse

Sony's animated hit falls to number 4 this week this a weekend of $9 million bringing the US gross to $147.7 million.

Escape Room

Finishing off the top 5 is last weeks top new film which takes $8.9 million on its second weekend which brings the films total of $32.4 million.

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A Dogs Way Home

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A Dogs Way Home

UK BBFC Certificate: PG

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