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A Good Day To Die Hard

A Good Day To Die Hard
Directed by
Sebastian Koch
Yuliya Snigir
Radivoje Bukvic
Cole Hauser
Amaury Nolasco
Sergei Kolesnikov
Roman Luknr
Zolee Ganxsta
Pter Taktsy
Pasha D. Lychnikoff
Megalyn Echikunwoke
Melissa Tang
Rico Simonini
Catherine Kresge
April Grace
Cooper Thornton
Jan Gallovic
Pter Kertsz
Patrik Vrbovsky
Ferenc Elek
Zhe Lin
Janos Finfera
Boris Vodokov
Aleksandr Komarov
Ivn Feny
Edit Balzsovits
Nadejda Savcova
Anastassija Makarenko
Scott Michael Campbell
Aldis Hodge
Joe Massingill
Jesse Burch
Justin Smith
Martin Hindy
Attila rpa
Sergej Onopko
Ivan Mark Orsnyi
Ivn Kamars
Zsolt Viczei
Nikolett Barabas
Misha Bugaev
Elena Caruso
Mike Dopud
Norbert Nvnyi
Anne Vyalitsyna

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26th February 2013

A single week at the top was all Bruce Willis could manage as Wreck-It Ralph jumps back to the top with a strong weekend after the school half term.

3 weeks of release and Disney recapture the top spot with their video game inspired film. A weekend gross of £3,420,196 takes it's total to £18,624,692 making another big hit for the House of Mouse.

A Good Day to Die Hard only slipped to second place which made the highest new film of the week land at 3, horror spookfest Mama took £1.5 million for the weekend.

This time last year another spooky horror film was still at number 1, The Woman in Black was spending it's 3rd week at the top with £2.4 million. Highest new films was Denzel Washington in Safe House with £2.1 million.

Five years ago Jumper was holding the top spot while whacky comedy starring Jack Black and Mos Def Be Kind Rewind was the highest new film at 2.

Ten years ago it was yet another scary horror film, the US remake of The Ring, which debuted in the top spot with £2.2 million.

And fifteen years ago Titanic was continuing it's record breaking surge at the top of the box office, 5 weeks in, still the top film and £34.1 million in the bank.

19th February 2013

The Die Hard series continues to pull in audiences 25 years after the original film hit cinemas.

Bruce Willis, the undisputed star of the series, plays John Mclain again, the New York cop who seems to always find him self in difficult situations with guns! A Good Day to Die Hard is the highest new film and the new number one film with an opening gross of £4.5 million.

Other new films this week are This is 40 at 3, Beautiful Creatures at 5 and Sammy Great Escape, a sequel to 2010's A Turtles Tale, is new at 8.

A year ago The Woman in Black was still riding the top of the chart while Nicholas Cage was the star of the highest new film at 3. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence.

Five years ago Jumper debuted at the top of the box office becoming the highest new film and the number one film.

Ten years ago Hugh Grant was able to hang onto the top spot in Two Weeks Notice keeping Daredevil from the top which was the highest new film at 2.

Fifteen years ago Titanic was still at the top of the UK chart with the Kevin Klein starring In and Out the highest new film at 3.

15th February 2013

4 new films hit UK cinemas today, fantasy Beautiful Creatures, Bruce Willis's return to Die Hard in A Good Day to Die Hard, comedy sequel This is 40 and drama For Ellen.

Beautiful Creatures is a fantasy film set around family ties and the dark forces, think Romeo and Juliette with witches! Starring Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert.

A Good Day to Die Hard is the fifth Die Hard film, once again having Bruce Willis's New York cop suffering from fish out of water scenario, this time in Russia.

This is 40 is a companion film to director Judd Apatows Knocked Up, this time Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann take the lead as the couple with children hitting the age of 40.

For Ellen is the drama of a musicians fight for his daughter from his estranged wife.

Movie details

The film has a UK gross of £10,686,411 and is the 539th top grossing film in the UK

The film has a US gross of $67,349,198 and is the 1063th top US domestic film.

The film has a World gross of $304,654,182 and is the 433rd top grossing film globally

UK BBFC Certificate: 12

Genres:Popular in: United Kingdom
Box Office
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 5

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