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Alatriste No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.



Directed by

Agustn Daz Yanes


Elena Anaya
Unax Ugalde
Eduard Fernndez
Eduardo Noriega
Ariadna Gil
Juan Echanove
Javier Cmara
Antonio Dechent
Blanca Portillo
Francesc Garrido
Pilar Lpez de Ayala
Jess Castejn
Cristina Marcos
Luis Zahera
Pilar Bardem
Nadia de Santiago
Nacho Prez
Enrico Lo Verso
Miguel Alcbar
Eliana lvarez
Carlos Bardem
Nicols Belmonte
Mon Ceballos
Alberto Cerrada
Simon Cohen
Toms del Estal
Jos Antonio Gallego
Mara Jess Hoyos
Charlie Lzaro
Mariano Llorente
Cipriano Lodosa
Jos Luis Manrique
Enrique Martnez
Ignacio Mateos
Javier Meja
Christophe Miraval
Diego Moreno
Roberto Mori
Alex ODogherty
Pablo Olewski
Francesc Orella
Alber Ponte
Ana Ramos
David Reymonde
Julio Csar Rodrguez
Juan Ruiz
Jess Ruyman
Jos Mara Sacristn
Artur Sala
Jos Luis Santos
Paco Tous
Manuel Vidal
Quim Vila
Juanjo Mugica
Mikel Aramburu
Eduardo Arnega
Jon Bermdez
ngel Luis Cazor
Antonio Jos Cuenca
Alberto Huici
Yvonnick Muller
William Rory O'Brien
Joaqun Ortega
Antonio Pardo
Antonio Resines
Chema Ruiz
Francisco Vela

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UK BBFC Certificate: 15

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