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Along With The Gods The Last 49 Days

Along With The Gods The Last 49 Days
Directed by
Yong-hwa Kim
Jung-woo Ha
Ji-Hoon Ju
Hyang-gi Kim
Dong-seok Ma
Kyung-soo Do
Ki-jun Hong
Gwang Jang
Han-chul Jo
Ah-Mi Jung
Hae-Kyun Jung
Ji-Hoon Jung
Kwon Soo Jung
Yoo-An Jung
Shin-Chul Kang
Dong-wook Kim
Ji-An Kim
Min-jong Kim
Myung-gon Kim
Tae-joon Kim
Joon-Hyuk Lee
Jung-jae Lee
Kyoung-Young Lee
Moo-Je Min
Il-woo Nam
Kang-min No
Hee-joon Oh
Jae-seung Ryu
Dong-il Sung
Lim Won-Hee
Soo-jung Ye

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6th August 2018

The Tom Cruise franchise movie Mission:Impossible Fallout is still pulling in the crowds at the world box office this week as it holds of competition from Chinese films Hello Mr. Billionaire and Along With The Gods The Last 49 Days.

Hello Mr. Billionaire

This weeks global gross for the 6th Mission:Impossible movie is $111 million from 57 countries which brings the films total gross globally to $329.4 million.

This means the film has nearly made as much as the lowest grossing of the series Mission:Impossible III and halfway to the top grossing film in the series Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation.

China's Hello Mr. Billionaire holds strong at number 2 this week with $65 million dollars from just China, this brings the films total gross to $289.9 million.

Highest new global hit of the week is Along With The Gods The Last 49 Days which takes $37.6 million from just 5 countries.

Disneys Christopher Robin is also new this week at number 4, it takes $29 million on its global debut from 19 countries while Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again drops to number 5 with $28 million from 54 countries bringing the films total global gross to $230.5 million.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is the highest total grossing film on the global box office this week with $1.2 billion and is still on release in 64 countries.

Movie details
Total UK gross £2,946 and the 8251st top grossing film in the UK

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

Box Office
UK release date:
Box Office History
Other Box Office History
17 August 2018