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American Evil

American Evil

Directed by

Georgina Lightning


Adam Beach
Tantoo Cardinal
Glen Gould
Dan Harrison
Georgina Lightning
Chris Mulkey
Wes Studi
Stephen Yoakam
Sarah Agnew
Joe App
Jeri Arredondo
Noah Kol Balfour
Dennis Banks
Raven Bellefleur
Mark Benninghoffen
Rose Berens
Jennifer Blagen
Dale R. Botten
Chris Carlson
Deborah Collins
Debbie DeLisi
Faryn DuPuis
Ray Early
Bill Effinger
Michael Egan
Gloria May Eshkibok
Tony Flores
James Gaulke
Greg Hallback
Maileana Kanewa
Barbara Kingsley
Drew Lacafa
Cody Lightning
Crystle Lightning
Zach Mitteness
Jim Northrup
Michelle O'Neill
Tony Papenfuss
Penny Perry
Mary Rehbein
Jaylee Sayers
Garth Schumacher
James Singleton
Perry Skinaway
Eleanor Smith
Jason Stoiber
Jacob Tewawina
Arne Vainio
Jordan Diver
Makialani Kanewa
Taleah King
Winter Mayorga
Kobe Nabors
Toby Smith
Simon Councillor
Kelsey Diver
Cole Hilton
Kayla Jackson
Whitney Mayorga
Anthony Moose
Cedar E. Savage
Tayden Thompson
Glenda Valdez
Marilyn Murray
Zach McClarnon
Noah Odegaard
Joel Thingvall
Larry Yazzie
Cheyenne King
Christine Rapsys
Ryan Rapsys

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American Evil

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

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10 February 2012