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As Luck Would Have It

Directed by
Alex de la Iglesia
Jose Mota
Blanca Portillo
Juan Luis Galiardo
Fernando Tejero
Manuel Tallafe
Antonio Garrido
Carolina Bang
Eduardo Casanova
Nerea Camacho
Joaquin Climent
Juanjo Puigcorbe
Antonio de la Torre
Jose Manuel Cervino
Santiago Segura
Nacho Vigalondo
Angie Paul
Diego Calderon
Maria Jose Gil
Cristina Alcazar
Elvira Lomba
Mila Natividad
Fernando Arenas
Esther Munuera
Javier Botet
Manuel Puchades
Marcos Ortiz
Alberto Soto
Veronica Bermudez
Fele Pastor
Ella Estrada
Oskar Ramos
Jose Antonio Orta
Melchiore Bila
Juan Jesus Lopez
Ferran Gadea
Patricia Ledesma
Juan Navarro Teniente Paterson
Lutgardo Fernandez
Concha Garcia Campoy
Josto Maffeo
Axier Raya

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16th September 2011

Sorry about the pun! To mark the release of the full Star Wars Saga on Blu-ray for the first time BT turned the BT Tower into a giant Lightsaber, and pretty cool it looked too.

As luck would have it the body of the tower does resemble the handle of a Star Wars Light Saber, so they then projected a very powerful light from the top to get the effect.

Turning on the Lightsaber was the man behind C-3PO Anthony Daniels and the party that took place at the top of the tower was attended by many other stars from the saga.

If you feel you need to get the Blu-ray version of the films, with all the new changes that have happened over the past 40 years then you can buy it via Amazon.co.uk.

Check out the picture and video below to see the tower in action.

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