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UK release date 29th March 2019
At Eternitys Gate

Directed by


Willem Dafoe
Rupert Friend
Mathieu Amalric
Emmanuelle Seigner
Niels Arestrup
Anne Consigny
Amira Casar
Vincent Perez
Lolita Chammah
Stella Schnabel
Vladimir Consigny
Arthur Jacquin
Solal Forte
Vincent Grass
Clement Paul Lhuaire
Alan Aubert
Laurent Bateau
Frank Molinaro
Montassar Alaya
Didier Jarre
Thierry Nenez
Johan Kugelberg
Alexis Michalik
François Delaive
Nicolas Abraham
Manuel Guillot
Paul Theotime
Romane Libert
Milo Aubriet
Clelia Robin-Oeustricher
Arthur Gloanec
Alfred Bloch
Ludmilla Roitbourd
Louis Garrel
Victor Pontecorvo

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