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Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Directed by
James Spader
Samuel L. Jackson
Don Cheadle
Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Elizabeth Olsen
Anthony Mackie
Stellan Skarsgård
Claudia Kim
Thomas Kretschmann
Julie Delpy
Stan Lee
Henry Goodman
Chris Luca
Brian Schaeffer
Dominique Provost-Chalkley
Isaac Andrews
Gareth Kieran Jones
Chan Woo Lim
Minhee Yeo
Bentley Kalu
Julian Bleach
Chris Beasley
Vuyo Dabula
Nondumiso Tembe
Kabelo Thai
Lele Ledwaba
Mandla Gaduka
Harriet Manamela
Beulah Hashe
Musca Kumalo
Mathapelo September
Antony Acheampong
Chioma Anyanwu
Ingvild Deila
Sunny Yeo
Namju Go
Mina Kweon
Earl Kim
Arthur Lee
Verity Hewlitt
Michael Matovski
Alma Noce
Riccardo Richetta
Constanza Ruff
Monty Mclaren-Clark
Julia Krynke
Tony Christian
Ian Kay
Barry Aird
Kerry Condon
Joseph M. Abbott
Pavlina Andreevska
Freddie Andrews
David Olawale Ayinde
Francesca Bennett
Laura Bernardeschi
Dilyana Bouklieva
Dante Briggins
Micah Ainsley Brown
Rowdy Brown
Michael Chapman
Tino Chinyoka
Lukas DiSparrow
Thom Dobbin
Alexandra Doyle
R.P. Edwards
Ibrahim Fagge
Aurora Fearnley
Hannah Flynn
Robert J. Fraser
Alexander Gillison
Sophie Gooding
Guna Gultniece
Mark Haldor
Salem Hanna
Jason Her
Leigh Holland
Kornelia Horvath
Mariola Jaworska
Attila G. Kerekes
Denis Khoroshko
Hrvoje Klecz
Irina Klimovich
Jamie Lengyel
Chelsea Li
Edina Loskay
Eric Morcos
Joti Nagra
Nick W. Nicholson
Judit Novotnik
Emeson Nwolie
Sigmund Oakeshott
Jimmy Pethrus
Zakk Pierce
Guy Potter
Tim Powell
Diezel Ramos
Anthony J Sacco
Faye Sewell
Megyn Shott
Charlotte Snowball
Bari Suzuki
Georgie-May Tearle
Chris Townsend
Bartosz Wandrykow
Daniel Westwood
Ben Wombwell
Leila Wong
Tatiana Zarubova
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Critics and fans alike are loving Avengers: Endgame. The movie is Certified *Fresh* at 95% and made a cool $1.2 billion at the global box office in its first weekend ...

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6th July 2015

After a quiet release last week in a couple of countries and falling just outside the top 10, this week Terminator Genisys flies to the top of the world box office.

Expanding its release to 47 countries this week the 5th Terminator film takes $102 million across the globe, this brings its world wide gross to $129 million.

Falling from the top is Jurassic World which is still pulling in big number but this weeks drop to second place has its gross at $72.9 million for the week and $1.4 billion in total.

There were no new films to appear inside the top 10 this week, although Terminator Genisys has a small release last week as did Magic Mike XXL which lands in 16 countries with $18.2 million.

Chinese comedy Monk Comes Down the Mountain is playing in 3 countries this week and has a gross of $28 million at number 5.

Here is the full world box office top 10:

  1. Terminator Genisys - $102,700,000
  2. Jurassic World - $72,942,360
  3. Minions - $54,300,000
  4. Inside Out - $48,705,000
  5. Monk Comes Down the Mountain - $28,000,000
  6. Ted 2 - $19,816,360
  7. Magic Mike XXL - $18,240,000
  8. Spy - $8,900,000
  9. NLL - Battle of Yeonpyeong - $8,000,000
  10. Avengers: Age Of Ultron - $7,352,000

15th June 2015

No other film mattered this week as Jurassic World stormed the world box office and left the competition behind.

Taking a staggering $511 million from 67 countries the dinosaur film has become the second biggest opening film of all time, behind Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 from 2011.

Time will tell how well the film will ultimately do but it's half way to the magic billion dollar mark and almost quarter of the way to beating Titanic, Avatar with $2.7 billion may be a little out of its reach.

Last week top film across the globe fell into second place this week, San Andreas takes $53 million from 69 countries and has now grossed $373.3 million.

Worthy of a mention this week is Indian film Hamari Adhuri Kahaani which is number 10 this week from just 1 country.

Here is the full world box office top 10:

  1. Jurassic World - $511,796,380
  2. San Andreas - $53,510,000
  3. Spy - $29,500,000
  4. Insidious Chapter 3 - $14,000,000
  5. Mad Max: Fury Road - $9,530,000
  6. Tomorrowland - $8,017,000
  7. Pitch Perfect 2 - $7,969,710
  8. Entourage - $6,170,000
  9. Avengers: Age Of Ultron - $5,641,000
  10. Hamari Adhuri Kahaani - $4,100,000

8th June 2015

Across the globe at the box office this week there is no move for the Dwayne Johnson starring San Andreas on it's second week at the top.

The earthquake picture this week takes $124 million in global tickets from 69 countries which brings it's global total gross to $287 million.

Moving up to second place is Spy which expands it's release across the globe. The Melissa McArthy starring film is out now in 55 countries and $55.6 million.

Highest new film of the week is at 3, Insidious Chapter 3 is released in 43 countries and takes $37 million across the world on it's debut.

Here is the full top 10 films across the globe.

  1. San Andreas - $124,240,000
  2. Spy - $55,600,000
  3. Insidious Chapter 3 - $37,300,000
  4. Tomorrowland - $20,822,000
  5. Mad Max: Fury Road - $18,970,000
  6. Entourage - $13,420,000
  7. Avengers: Age Of Ultron - $13,201,000
  8. Stand by Me Doraemon - $12,500,000
  9. Pitch Perfect 2 - $12,341,825
  10. Poltergeist - $6,000,000

1st June 2015

San Andreas this week becomes the top grossing film across the world on it's debut weekend of release.

Released in 61 countries the film rakes in $113.2 million, far outstripping the rest of the completion, it's nearest film is last weeks top film Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland falls to to number 2 and is keeping Mad Max Fury Road at bay which is at number 3.

Doing very well in just 1 country, Japan, is the 3D animated film Stand by Me Doraemon which takes $30 million.

Avengers Age of Ultron finished the top 5.

Here is the full World Gross top 10:

  1. San Andreas - $113,215,000
  2. Tomorrowland - $43,103,000
  3. Mad Max: Fury Road - $35,225,000
  4. Stand by Me Doraemon - $30,000,000
  5. Avengers: Age Of Ultron - $28,520,000
  6. Pitch Perfect 2 - $25,241,300
  7. Poltergeist - $14,400,000
  8. Aloha - $10,000,000
  9. Spy - $9,000,000
  10. Home - $3,850,000

26th May 2015

The Avengers sequel remains as the top film in the world this week with a world gross of $66 million from 92 countries, the world gross of the film is now $1.2 billion.

Highest new film is Tomorrowland which enters at 3 taking $59 million from 66 countries.

Also worth a note is Melissa McCarthy's new film makes it's debut at 6 with $12.5 million from 10 countries on release.

Here is the full world top 10:

  1. Avengers: Age Of Ultron - $66,695,000
  2. Mad Max Fury Road - $62,085,000
  3. Tomorrowland - $58,859,000
  4. Pitch Perfect 2 - $45,549,000
  5. Poltergeist - $31,300,000
  6. Spy - $12,500,000
  7. Home - $6,080,000
  8. Fast and Furious 7 - $5,124,105
  9. P.K. - $4,500,000
  10. Hot Pursuit - $3,475,000

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