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Directed by

Woody Allen


Woody Allen
Louise Lasser
Carlos Montalbán
Nati Abascal
Jacobo Morales
Miguel Ángel Suárez
David Ortiz Angleró
Rene Enríquez
Jack Axelrod
Howard Cosell
Roger Grimsby
Don Dunphy
Charlotte Rae
Stanley Ackerman
Dan Frazer
Martha Greenhouse
Axel Anderson
Tigre Perez
Baron De Beer
Arthur Hughes
John Braden
Ted Chapman
Dorothi Fox
Dagne Crane
Eddie Barth
Nicholas Saunders
Conrad Bain
Eulogio Peraza
Norman Evans
Bob OConnell
Robert Dudley
Marilyn Hengst
Ed Crowley
Beeson Carroll
Allen Garfield
Princess Fatosh
Dick Callinan
Hy Anzell
Anthony Caso
Mary Jo Catlett
Ines Hellendall
Willy Switkes

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UK BBFC Certificate: 15

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