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Based On A True Story

Based On A True Story

Directed by


Emmanuelle Seigner
Vincent Perez
Dominique Pinon
Camille Chamoux
Brigitte Rouan
Josee Dayan
Noemie Lvovsky
Leonello Brandolini
Elisabeth Quin
Damien Bonnard
Saadia Bentaieb
Veronique Vasseur
Stanislas Moreau
Valerie Schiatti de Monza
Anouchka Csernakova
Paul Garcia
Melanie Bourgeois
Jean Frischmann
Charlotte Mangel
Valerie de Monza
Sophie Gibert

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6th March 2019

Making his solo directorial debut Stephen Merchant takes his Fighting With My Family to the top of the UK box office on its debut weekend with The Aftermath also new at 6.

The Aftermath

Fighting With My Family

Based on a true story the film was produced by Dwayne Johnson who also appears in the film and makes its debut at the top with a weekend gross of just over £2 million.

This is a typical British feel good movie similar to The Full Monty or Four Wedding And A Funeral and should hang around for quite a while on the UK box office.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

The brick movie falls from the top after 3 weeks with a gross of £1.4 million on its fourth weekend of release.

This brings the films total UK gross to £15.8 million which is about £11 million below that of the first movie at this stage of release.

Instant Family

Falling to 3 this week but still doing well is the Mark Wahlberg starring film which takes £1.1 million on its 3rd weekend, this pushes its total gross to a respectable £8 million.

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

This third Dragon movie falls to 4 with a gross of £1.04 million pushing its total to £17.2 million, its still the highest grossing movie released in 2019.

Green Book

Winning the Best Film Oscar and Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Mahershala Ali has pushed this film back to number 5 with a weekend take of £737,659 taking its total gross to £7.4 million.

The Aftermath

Keira Knightley's new film makes its debut at 6 this week with an opening gross of £589,965.

The Favourite

An Oscar win for Olivia Coleman pushes this film up to number 11 this week with £287,797 taking its total to £16.2 million.

Bohemian Rhapsody

19 weeks in and the Queen bio-pic is at number 12, helped probably buy the 4 Oscars it picked up including one for star Rami Malek, a £278,829 weekend takes the film to £54.2 million and the 25th highest grossing film in the UK ever.

13th January 2014

There is a new number one on the US box office this week in the shape of Lone Survivor, it tops the box office as it goes on wide release across America.

The films stars Mark Wahlberg and is based on a true story set during the war in Afghanistan about a group of Navy SEALS.

The film replaces Disney's Frozen at the top.

US Box Office