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Beautiful People

Beautiful People
Directed by
Jasmin Dizdar
Thomas Goodridge
Faruk Pruti
Tony Peters
Dado Jehan
Rosalind Ayres
Julian Firth
Charles Kay
Charlotte Coleman
Edward Jewesbury
Bobby Williams
Joseph Williams
Nicholas Farrell
Danny Nussbaum
Steve Sweeney
Jay Simpson
Heather Tobias
Roger Sloman
Edin Dzandzanovic
Elizabeth Isiorho
Dev Sagoo
Vera Jakob
Melee Hutton
Louise Breckon-Richards
Sharon D. Clarke
Siobhan Redmond
Gilbert Martin
Jessica Brandon
Martin Alderdice
Nicholas McGaughey
Walentine Giorgiewa
Radoslav Youroukov
Niall Ivers
Raules Davies
Alan Cowan
Jonny Phillips
Craig Stokes
Kenan Hudaverdi
Annette Badland
Peter Harding
Andrew Logan
Antony Carrick
Jennifer Brooks
Claire Driver

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UK BBFC Certificate: 15

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