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Directed by

Richard Linklater


Shirley MacLaine
Brady Coleman
Richard Robichaux
Rick Dial
Brandon Smith
Larry Jack Dotson
Merrilee McCommas
Mathew Greer
Marjorie Dome
Tim Cariker
Fern Luker
Jack Payne
Sonny Carl Davis
Chris Humphrey
Ann Reeves
Kay Epperson
Ira Bounds
James Baker
Kay McConaughey
Kristi Youngblood
Kenny Brevard
Margaret Bowman
Mollie Fuller
Tanja Givens
Glenda Jones
Travis Blevins
Sylvia Froman
Martha Long
Jo Perkins
Reba Tarjick
Dale Dudley
James Wilson
Teresa Edwards
Billy Vaticalos
Rob Anthony
Tommy G. Kendrick
Pam McDonald
Kathy Gollmitzer
Cozette McNeely
Richard Jones
Charles Bailey
Suzi McLaughlin
Grant James
Juli Erickson
J.D. Young
Charlie m Stewart
Joe Stevens
Raquel Gavia
Amparo Garca
Toby Metcalf
Doug Moreland
Edward Ji
Jill Blackwood
David Blackwell
Gabriel Luna
Deanna Newcomb
David Steakley
Peter Harrell Jr.
Joe Leroy Reynolds
Christian Stokes
John Hornbuckle
Wray Crawford
Margaret Hoard
Charles Allen Eskew
Quita Culpepper
Mona Lee Fultz
Jerry Biggs
Robert Works
Chris Barfield
Taylor Bryant
Colin Bevis
Jacqui Bloom
Joshua Denning
Ellie Edwards
Alaina Flores
Jennifer Foster
Leslie Hethcox
Jordan Hill
Berkley Jones
Trevor McGinnis
Mika Odom
Chell Parkins
David Ponton
Gray Randolph
Rachel Hull-Ryde
Ian Saunders
Madelyn Shaffer
Larissa Slota
Daniel Rae Srivastava
Ellen Stader
Lara Wright
Betty Andrews
Marcia Bailey
Umpy Bechtol
Nita Bouldin
Nellie Hickerson
Jeanetta Kloppe
Geraldine Miller
Sharon Rugsbee
Debbie Shaw
Flo Weiershausen
Gina Wooten
Gary Askins
Ben Bachelder
Meredith Beal
Stacey Bruck
Michelle Briscoe
Lesa Brooks
Gayla Bruce
Brenda Bunton
Kristi Copeland
Jeff Davis
Orion Gallagher
Kenneth C. Liverman
Linda Rudwick
Mary Stifflemire
Patty Allieri
Heath Allyn
Cheryl Bond Danks
Fred Bothwell
Steve Cauley
Gene Cervenka
Franky Coronado
Randy Coy
Wendy Crouse
Garret Danks
Eddy Fitzgerald
Valerie Frazee
June Griffin Garcia
Terry Harrison
Paul Heckmann
Connie Kennedy
Stephen C. Kerr
Robert H. Lambert
Rudi Lee
Kevin Machate
Patrick Martin Jr.
James Leonardo Mayberry
Timothy T. McKinney
Caroline McNeil
Joe Nelson
Earl Nottingham
Veronica Orosco
Skye Polchert
Mitchell Rad
Angelita Aronce Sorensen
Gary Teague
Wendy Tobias
Adrun Wilson
Daniel Zubiate

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UK BBFC Certificate: 12

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Highest chart position: 15

Weeks on box office: 1

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