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Beverly Hills Cop III

Beverly Hills Cop III

Directed by


Jon Tenney
Joey Travolta
Eugene Collier
Jimmy Ortega
Ousaun Elam
Ray Lykins
Tim Gilbert
Rick Avery
Gilbert R. Hill
Dick Purtan
Fred Asparagus
Louis Lombardi
Lindsey Ginter
Timothy Carhart
Michael Bowen
David Parry
Stephen McHattie
Al Green
Hattie Winston
Judge Reinhold
Hector Elizondo
Tracy Melchior
Gregory McKinney
Forry Smith
Theresa Randle
Dan Martin
Steven Banks
George Lucas
Christina Venuti
Jonathan Hernandez
Christy Alvarez
Yareli Arizmendi
Jeannie Epper
Kurtis Sanders
Bill Taylor
William S. Taylor
Neva Sosna
Nichole McAuley
Jerra Stewart
Patty Raya
Meadow Williams
John Saxon
Aileen Acain
Alan Young
Martha Coolidge
Bronson Pinchot
Julie Strain
Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst
George Schaefer
Joe Dante
Curtis Williams
Helen Martin
Theodore Borders
Albie Selznick
Charles Rahi Chun
Roger E. Reid
Royce Reid
Hector Correa
Elaine Kagan
Tino Insana
John Rubinow
Hank McGill
Cherilyn Shea
Peter Medak
Arthur Hiller
Ray Harryhausen
Robert B. Sherman
Eugene Elman
Jerry Dunphy
Barbet Schroeder
Philip Levien
John Singleton
Lisa Allen
Julie Dolan
Christian Heath
Patricia Quinn
Sean Spence
James MacKinnon
Jennifer Cobb
Lynn Walsh
Susan Gayle
Devin McRae
Wendy Harpenau
Felicia Wong
Marlene Hoffman
Wanda Welch
Liza Macawili
Robin Shelby
Dave Myers
Matt Myers
Nick Hermz
Tim Shuster
Richard M. Sherman
Laura Summer
Forrest J. Ackerman
Lena Banks
Thomas Brungardt
John Edward Cabrera
Jaime H. Campos
D. Alan Cooksey
Phyllis Davis
Kiante Elam
David C. Fisher
Shawn Flanagan
Ryal Haakenson
Heidi Lawson
Al Leong
Ned Lott
Bob Minor
Daren Palacio
Bob Pepper
Thomas Rosales Jr.
Anthony G. Schmidt
Keith Shawn
Joseph Quinn Simpkins
Bill Taylor
Aliza Washabaugh
Swavet Williams
Lynnanne Zager

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11th June 2014

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The 21 Jump Street sequel 22 Jump Street debuts at the top of the box office this week with a weekend take of around £4.8 million.

21 Jump Street was released in March 2012, a tougher time of year for a films release, it debuted at 2 taking £1.5 on it's debut going on to take nearly 10 million over 7 weeks. With better reviews this time around 22 should do better.

Jump Street removes last week top film Maleficent down to the runner up position although it still manages a £2 million weekend with a 10 day gross of £11 million.

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Beverly Hills Cop III

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Beverly Hills Cop III

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

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