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Directed by
Kay Cannon
John Cena
Ramona Young
Kathryn Newton
Ike Barinholtz
Gina Gershon
Geraldine Viswanathan
Miles Robbins
Gary Cole
Graham Phillips
Gideon Adlon
Colton Dunn
Sarayu Blue
Jake Picking
Jimmy Bellinger
Rhoda Griffis
Hannah Russell
Fatimah Hassan
Emalie Noel
Connor Murdock
Lexston Bearss
Anniston Almond
Jill Jane Clements
T.C. Carter
BreeAnna Marie
Noor Anna Maher
Madelyn Glover
Audrey Casson
Michael David Yuhl
Kathryn Lim
Marquis Magwood
Rae Jordan
Kaylynn Gardner
Victoria Hall
Cindy Farrell
Ella Myers
Amelia Oswald
Chad Sanborn
Mallory Kidwell
Andrew Lopez
Hannah Goergen
Jared Sawyer Jr.
Isaac Tillman
Patti Schellhaas
Kimberly Shires
John Merical
Bobby Akers
Jordan Olivia Howell
Madeline Erwin
Harlon Miller
Addisohn Jones
Bethany Kasulas
Sierra Nicole Krug
Quandae Stewart
Tess Reboucas
Aubree McGuire
Zachary Forsythe
Marvin E. West
Cooper Hines
Thomas Mark Higgins
Dylan Webb
Lindsey Clute
Christine Albright
Corey Creque
Zhane Amari
Katerina Townsend
Rachel Mendieta
Monica Mathis
Alex Mitchell
Amy Chandler
Peyton Joyce
Paul Costley
Darius Redmon
Anjal Manesh Jain
Emelita T. Gonzalez
Demetri Landell
Donald K. Overstreet
Mason Pike

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Fri, 6th April 2018

16th April 2018

With a very narrow margin the Dwayne Johnson starring Rampage knocks A Quiet Place off the top spot after just one week.

Rampage, loosely based on the video game, takes over at the top with a weekend gross of $34.5 million.

Johnson's star is shining bright at the moment and after the success of Jumanji last Christmas it's no surprise this has become a big hit.

With a very small drop in takings form last weekend A Quiet Place falls to number 2, but with $32.6 million over the weekend it was a close call and the film is very close to a US total gross of $100 million.

New at 3 is Truth or Dare which takes $19 million for the weekend which at 4 is Ready Player One which takes $11 million for the weekend and brings the films total gross to $111 million in the US.

FInally in the top 5 is Blockers which takes $10 million for the weekend bringing the films total gross to $36 million.

5th April 2018

With the release of a new Steven Spielberg film your expect a new number 1 film, but Peter Rabbit kept the film at bay for a second weekend at the top.

It was a tight race with only half a million in it but Peter Rabbit raking £5.6 million for the weekend to boost its total UK gross to £21.6 million.

Director Steven Spielberg gave us Ready Player One this week which was released to great reviews and public demand but it failed to reach the top on its debut hitting number 2 with £5.1 million.

Also new this week at number 3 is the Wes Anderson directed animation Isle Of Dogs which takes a better than expected £1.6 million over the weekend.

Another new entry in the top 5 has Blockers hitting number 4 with £1.3 million.

Finishing off the top 5 is Black Panther with takes just over a million for the weekend, this brings the film total UK gross to £46 million and it is by far the top film of 2018 so far.

There are still some big film to be released this year but it will take potentially the other Marvel movie Avengers Infinity War to beat this total as I think the likes of Solo A Star Wars Story wont have the legs to beat it.

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UK BBFC Certificate: 15


Popular in: China and United Kingdom

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Highest chart position: 4

Weeks on box office: 4

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