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Bram Stokers Dracula

Bram Stokers Dracula
Directed by
Richard E. Grant
Billy Campbell
Sadie Frost
Tom Waits
Monica Bellucci
Michaela Bercu
Florina Kendrick
Jay Robinson
I.M. Hobson
Laurie Franks
Maud Winchester
Octavian Cadia
Robert Getz
Dagmar Stanec
Eniko Öss
Nancy Linehan Charles
Tatiana von Furstenberg
Jules Sylvester
Hubert Wells
Daniel Newman
Honey Lauren
Judi Diamond
Robert Buckingham
Cully Fredricksen
Ele Bardha
Alain Blazevic
Mark Borkowski
Mary Cornell
Tina Cote
Christina Fulton
Jeffery Thomas Johnson
John F. Kearney
Paul Klar
Michael Laren
Moreen Littrell
Joe Murkijanian
Adamo Palladino
Philip Pucci
John Michael Quinn
Heidi Schooler
Damon Stout

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14th January 2013

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Ang Lee's Life of Pi holds firm as the number 2 film and Gangster Squad is a new entry at 3.

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Fifteen years ago The Jackal with Bruce Willis was at the top on it's debut weekend with a gross of £1.4 million. Twenty years ago Bram Stokers Dracula from Francis Ford Coppola was hitting the top spot on it's opening knocking The Bodyguard into the runner up spot.

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Bram Stokers Dracula

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Bram Stokers Dracula

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