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Directed by
Katherine Helmond
Ian Holm
Bob Hoskins
Michael Palin
Ian Richardson
Peter Vaughan
Kim Greist
Barbara Hicks
Charles McKeown
Derrick O'Connor
Kathryn Pogson
Bryan Pringle
Sheila Reid
John Flanagan
Ray Cooper
Brian Miller
Simon Nash
Prudence Oliver
Simon Jones
Derek Deadman
Nigel Planer
Terence Bayler
Gorden Kaye
Tony Portacio
Bill Wallis
Winston Dennis
Jack Purvis
Elizabeth Spender
Antony Brown
Myrtle Devenish
Holly Gilliam
John Pierce Jones
Ann Way
Don Henderson
Howard Lew Lewis
Oscar Quitak
Harold Innocent
John Grillo
Ralph Nossek
David Gant
James Coyle
Patrick Connor
Roger Ashton-Griffiths
Russell Keith Grant
Sue Hodge
Sadie Corre
Margarita Doyle
Dominic Ffytche
Terry Forrestal
Terry Gilliam
John Hasler
Frank Jakeman
Sergio Kato
Peter Sands

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1st May 2017

With the release of Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 we see a new film taking over at the top as the Marvel film takes over from Fast and Furious 8.

Released globally but not yet in America the films which has gained a massive following after the first film takes $101.2 million on its debut, largely from the UK, Brazil and Australia.

Guardians 2 this week is released in 37 countries so still has much of the globe to go so expect the gross to ballon over the coming weeks and a $1 billion gross is on the cards.

Fast and Furious 8 this week made it over the $1 billion mark and became the top American film ever released in China, edging out Fast and Furious 7 from the top.

The film currently sits at number 2 on the global box office with a weekly gross of $87.7 million from 67 countries most of which is from the non-American market.

Also making an impressive show this week is Shock Wave which takes $24.4 million from 4 countries, mainly China, and is at number 4 this week.

Highest total grossing movie on across the globe this week is Beauty and The Beast which has now grossed an incredibly $1.14 billion.

13th June 2014

A very quiet week for releases on this Friday 13th, with only one new release of note that has a fairly niche market it should leave the field open for some old film shine.

The supernatural thriller Oculus starring former Doctor Who star Karen Gillan is the biggest new release of the week, opening on Friday 13th as a marketing mechanism.

A strong advertising campaign and the clear interest from Doctor Who fans who want to know what Gillan has been unto in the last year should see it appear at least top 3 with a 1 million plus opening.

22 Jump Street could hold on at the top, but it a male buddy movie and with the World Cup in Brazil having a big England match on Saturday night (that has a bigger male interest) Maleficent could well see itself go back to the top.

It could be the slowest weekend of the year for multiplexes as the forecast good weather and World Cup will have a major impact on box office takings.

Other new film this week are
The Hooligan Factory

Movie details

The film has a UK gross of £209,627 and is the 4552nd top grossing film in the UK

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

Genres:Popular in: Russia
Box Office
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 2

Weeks on box office: 5

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