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Britannia Hospital

Directed by
Lindsay Anderson
Leonard Rossiter
Brian Pettifer
John Moffatt
Fulton Mackay
Vivian Pickles
Barbara Hicks
Graham Crowden
Jill Bennett
Peter Jeffrey
Marsha A. Hunt
Catherine Willmer
Mary MacLeod
Joan Plowright
Robin Askwith
Dave Atkins
Malcolm McDowell
Frank Grimes
Peter Machin
Marcus Powell
John Bett
Gladys Crosbie
Rufus Collins
Ram John Holder
Jim Findley
Pauline Melville
Kevin Lloyd
Robert Pugh
Robbie Coltrane
Dandy Nichols
Glenn Williams
Brian Glover
Mike Grady
Tony Haygarth
Jagdish Kumar
Patrick Durkin
Paddy Joyce
Richard Griffiths
Dave Hill
Charmian May
Valentine Dyall
Roland Culver
Betty Marsden
Adele Strong
Ted Burnett
Gabrielle Lloyd
Barbara Flynn
Val Pringle
Robert Lee
Errol Shaker
Alan Penn
Liz Smith
Robin Davies
John Gordon Sinclair
Bob Hornery
Paul McCleary
Paul Kember
Jane Stonehouse
Patricia Healey
Rosemary Martin
Robert Owen
Ellis Dale
Maggie Ollerenshaw
Elizabeth Bennett
Patsy Byrne
Brenda Cavendish
David Daker
Edward Peel
Alan Bates
Arthur Lowe
T.P. McKenna
Michael Medwin
Edward Hibbert
Peter Holmes
Salmaan Peerzada
Janette Foggo
Cora Kinnaird
Joshua Bancel
Burt Caesar
Jo Cameron Brown
Ginnette Clarke
Paul Cooper
Jo Crawford
Ronny Cush
Derek Hollis
Di Langford
Roy Macready
Roger Martin
Verity Anne Meldrum
Marsha Miller
Yasmin Pettigrew
Martin Ransley
George Savvides
James A. Stephens
David Telfer
Helen Webb
Major Wiley
Eilian Wyn
Derek Lyons
Fred Wood

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