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Brittany Runs A Marathon

1st November
Brittany Runs A Marathon

Directed by

Paul Downs Colaizzo


Jillian Bell
Jennifer Dundas
Patch Darragh
Alice Lee

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Tue, 17th September 2019

'Brittany Runs a Marathon’ gets real about body image and self-worth  Arizona Daily Sun

Brittany Runs a Marathon” is as simple and declarative as a movie title gets. The film itself, blessedly, is anything but.

Fri, 20th September 2019

‘Brittany Runs a Marathon’ is predictable, but also pretty darn funny  Virginian-Pilot

The best part of “Brittany Runs a Marathon” is that is provides a showcase for Jillian Bell.

Thu, 19th September 2019

‘Brittany Runs A Marathon’ Director Paul Downs Colaizzo On His Journey From Off-Broadway Theater To Indie Filmmaking & That Splashy Sundance Sale  Deadline

The writer/director behind Amazon Studios' Brittany Runs a Marathon, Paul Downs Colaizzo is a rare bird in this day and age. Bringing his first feature to the ...

Thu, 29th August 2019

[REVIEW] 26.2 Thoughts About 'Brittany Runs A Marathon'  UPROXX

1. When was the last time you were told to “RUN, DON'T WALK” to a certain movie? Too long. We should bring it back for Brittany Runs a Marathon, but with a ...

Tue, 10th September 2019

Sarah Silverman's Reaction to "Brittany Runs a Marathon" Is Priceless  Shape Magazine

Sarah Silverman shared her reaction to the movie Brittany Runs a Marathon on Instagram. The comedian encouraged fans to see the movie, which is based on ...

Thu, 12th September 2019