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Brooklyns Finest No one younger than 18 may see an 18 film in a cinema.

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  • where the material is in breach of the criminal law, or has been created through the commission of a criminal offence
  • where material or treatment appears to us to risk harm to individuals or, through their behaviour, to society. For example, the detailed portrayal of violent or dangerous acts, or of illegal drug use, which may cause harm to public health or morals. This may include portrayals of sadistic violence, rape or other non-consensual sexually violent behaviour
  • which make this violence look appealing; reinforce the suggestion that victims enjoy rape or other non-consensual sexually violent behaviour; or which invite viewer complicity in rape, other non-consensual sexually violent behaviour or other harmful violent activities
  • where there are more explicit images of sexual activity in the context of a sex work (see right) In the case of video works, which may be more accessible to younger viewers, intervention may be more frequent than for cinema films.


11th June
Brooklyns Finest

Directed by


Don Cheadle
Wesley Snipes
Vincent D'Onofrio
Bran F. O'Byrne
Will Patton
Michael Kenneth Williams
Lili Taylor
Shannon Kane
Ellen Barkin
Wass Stevens
Armando Riesco
Wade Allain-Marcus
Jesse Williams
Hassan Johnson
Jas Anderson
John DLeo
Georgie DeNoto
Alison Cordaro
Frencesca Carchia
Raquel Castro
Stella Maeve
Reilly Stith
Joshua Thompson
Bruce MacVittie
Robert John Burke
Jerry Speziale
Sarah Thompson
Rodney Bear Jackson
Cle Shaheed Sloan
Michael Pemberton
Zaire Paige
Greg Young
Randy Eastman
Thomas Jefferson Byrd
Alain Lauture
Joseph Adams
Alok Tewari
Zachary Fuqua
Lela Rochon
Ed Moran
Isiah Whitlock Jr.
Leonid Citer
Nicoye Banks
Tobias Truvillion
Tawny Cypress
Jeanine Ramirez
Rosalyn Coleman
Paul Diomede
Diana Bologna
Enrique Chicas
Carl Clemons
Isabella David
Nicky Figueredo
Brevard Hudson
Michael Jeremiah
Frank Mancuso
Vianca Mercedes
Tasha Perri
William Lee Scott
Rick Zahn

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Brooklyns Finest

UK BBFC Certificate: 18

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Highest chart position: 5

Weeks on box office: 4

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