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Brubaker No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.



Directed by

Stuart Rosenberg


Robert Redford
Yaphet Kotto
Jane Alexander
Murray Hamilton
David Keith
Matt Clark
Tim McIntire
Richard Ward
Jon Van Ness
M. Emmet Walsh
Albert Salmi
Linda Haynes
Everett McGill
Val Avery
Ron Frazier
David Harris
Joe Spinell
James Keane
Konrad Sheehan
Roy Poole
Nathan George
Don Blakely
Lee Richardson
John McMartin
Alex Brown
John Chappell
Brent Jennings
Harry Groener
William Newman
Noble Willingham
Wilford Brimley
Jane Cecil
Ebbe Roe Smith
Young Hwa Han
Vic Polizos
Jack OLeary
James Dukas
J.C. Quinn
Jerry Mayer
Ivy Featherstone
Kent Broadhurst
Hazen Gifford
Elane Rower Richardson
John R. Glover
Bill McNulty
Linda Milligan
Rob Garrison
James E. Fraunfelter Jr.
Ritch Brinkley
David E. Williams
E.J. Pearcy
J.K. Mahle
Vivian P. Bass
Greg Martin
Philip E. Combs
Richard L. Denny
Michael Holiday
Nick Baldasare
Allison Caine
Monty Jordan
Hank Salas

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Ed Brubaker has had a pretty good few weeks recently: Criminal #6 hit shelves, his OGN My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies (with Sean Phillips) won an ...

Tue, 30th July 2019

A Comics Convention Sets the Stage for a Layered Crime Story  Hyperallergic

Acclaimed writer Ed Brubaker talks to Hyperallergic about his new book Bad Weekend, the historical poor treatment of comics creators, and the differences ...

Mon, 22nd July 2019

Unpublished John Byrne Captain America, Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips on Darwyn Cooke's Last Call and Steve Ditko's Wishes at IDW San Diego Comic-Con Panel  Bleeding Cool News

So some of you may have already read a little article that came out about this panel, something about some guy that co-created Spider-Man, and I will talk.

Tue, 23rd July 2019

Shang-Chi: Why Some Chinese Fans Aren't Happy About the MCU Film  CBR - Comic Book Resources

Marvel's Shang-Chi's movie announcement has been met with a complicated reception in China. Here is why some Chinese fans are concerned.

Thu, 25th July 2019

Ed Brubaker Inks Overall Deal With Legendary TV Studios  Deadline

Acclaimed comic book and television writer Ed Brubaker has signed a multi-year overall deal with Legendary Television Studios.

Wed, 17th July 2019

Captain America Reveals the Surprise Return of a Major Marvel Movie Hero  CBR - Comic Book Resources

Captain America #12 finally unveiled the identity of Dryad, the leader of the Daughters of Liberty but you'll never guess who's beneath that hood.

Thu, 1st August 2019

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