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Nick Lyon
Danny Trejo
Torsten Voges
Jonathan Banks
John Savage
Eve Mauro
Seri DeYoung
Eric St. John
Gerald Webb
Tinsel Korey
Eric Etebari
Kimo Leopoldo
Kyle Villalovos
Julia Dietze
Derek Anthony
Robert Blanche
Max Perlich
Elizabeth Gast
Chuck Hittinger
Alison Ball
Blanca Blanco
Emilio Rivera
Dakota Black
Marc Chamberlain
James Evans
Mario E. Garcia
Phil Graciano
Oliver S. James
Miguel Robo Sanchez
Deina Torres
Camille Solari
Clementine Heath
Ellen Yuen
Isaac Singleton Jr.
Serah Henesey
Tara Hunnewell
Clint Jung
Christina Fuentes
Derrick Delaney
Steve Saleen
Isaac C. Singleton Jr.
Noel Gugliemi
Jose Rosete
Steve Troublesome Castillo
Kevin Indio Copeland
William Guirola
Edmundo Alarcon
Jim Ounniyom
Khetphet Phagnasay
Vivian Alex
Carlos Ayala
Salman Bokhari
Nathaniel Burett
Efrain Cardona Jr.
Chris Trouble Delfosse
Alistair A. Duff
Derek Easley
Ibrahim Elkest
Jeremy Feit
Alfonso Flores Jr.
Matthew Gittelson
Josh Glover
Joe Rudy Guerrero Jr.
Charles Hiphy
Rebi Hogan
Chris Ludwig
Dan Manson
Yvette Marin
Yazmin Melero
Johnny Meyer
Marco Morales
Marcus Natividad
Christian O'Brien
Trisha Paschke
J. Anthony Pena
Jessica Rian
Maria Roman
Joseph Tony Stewart
Marcy Toschi
Joe Wegner
Keir Wohlman
Stephanie Wohlman
I. Elijah Baughman
Nyjo Brennen
Dean Bruni
Sandra De Sousa
Angela Devon
Lolly DuRand
Genoveva Winsen
Justine Woodford

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20th June 2013

Nothing could stop the Man of Steel from taking the top of the UK box office this week as Zack Snyers new take on Superman enters at the top.

We all saw it coming, like a speeding bullet perhaps, the re-imagined Superman franchise achieved big numbers last weekend. During it's opening weekend it took £11.2 million in Britain making it the 36 best opening weekend ever in the UK. After Earth falls into second place, not bad considering the bad reviews it's had.

Last year Prometheus was still at the top of the UK box office and during a quiet week for new releases Rocks of Ages was the highest new film at 4.

Five years go Sex and the City got knocked from the top spot into 2nd as The Incredible Hulk took over during it's opening weekend.

Ten years ago it was still all about The Matrix Reloaded riding the top spot while the highest new film was Identity at 3.

Fifteen years ago it was still The Wedding Singer at the top, and with almost no new films out that week the highest new film was Stiff Upper Lips right down at 10.

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7 March 2014
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Total UK gross £137 and the 8633th top grossing film in the UK