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Captive State

Directed by

Rupert Wyatt


Ashton Sanders
Jonathan Majors
Vera Farmiga
Kevin Dunn
James Ransone
Alan Ruck
Madeline Brewer
Machine Gun Kelly
Kevin J. O'Connor
Ben Daniels
Caitlin Ewald
Lawrence Grimm
Guy Van Swearingen
Elena Marisa Flores
D.B. Sweeney
Rene L. Moreno
Yasen Peyankov
TaRhonda Jones
Shannon Cochran
Patrese McClain
Chike Johnson
Megan Brooke Long
Chronicle Ganawah
Alex Henderson
Lucien Cambric
KiKi Layne
Avery Lee
Bries Vannon
Jason Bradley
James Hatten
Christian Isely
Laura T. Fisher
Steve Herson
Marc Grapey
Eric C. Lynch
Jose Antonio García
Kelly Cole
Danny Goldring
Michael Christopher Collins
Julius Mercer
David J Height
Robert Forte Shannon III
Meghan Murphy
Wendi Weber
Mickey O'Sullivan
Ronald Lewis Conner Jr.
Jane Baxter Miller
Matthew Lucki
Cyrus Alexander
Ilyssa Fradin
Linsey Page Morton
Marcos Barnes
John Brady
Gregory Paul Nicotero
Zach Thomas
Collin Woldt
Joseph L. Allen
Jose Aponte
Matt Bailey
Noah Bailey
Jeff Baird
Daniel Craig Baker
Andre Bellos
Darlene Benigno
Samantha Beringer
Harv Blain
Brian Bowman
Richard Butts
Portia Chellelynn
Amy Kay Clark
Tony Comrie
Rick Cooke
Nicholas Danos
Clarence E. Davis
Jeff Dlugolecki
Christine A. Donnelly
Niko El Santo Zavero
Quinn Fisher
Anna E. Hanson
Thomas Hernandez
Dennis Hindman
Maho Honda
Carey Jones
Mary Kocur
J. Anthony Kopec
John Krejczyk
Don Kress
Brian Michael Lee
Lizzy Leigh
Mino Mackic
Phil Madura
Barbara Elizabeth Maleski
Lori J. Marshall
Benjamin Mast
Annie McKinnie
Alex Moon
Jayme Padilla
Russ Panzarella
Devito Parker Jr.
Aaron Rahn
Heather M. Rahn
Ronnie E. Rahn
Ruben Ramirez
Valoria Robinson
Darren Sheehan
David James Slama
Jatone Smith
Kodi Swank
Ashland Thomas
Chris D. Thomas
Giota Trakas
Indigo V.A.R.
Otis Winston
Drew Wroblewski

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A jumble of themes and ideas jostle for space in an audacious, but often messy, film that takes a familiar alien invasion set-up and goes for broke. Benjamin Lee.

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It may seem like a fool's errand to find a new angle on the alien invasion thriller — Captive State, however, is determined to give it a shot. Rupert Wyatt's ...

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Rupert Wyatt on his "failure," an alien-invasion thriller that captures something essential about this moment.

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John Goodman and Ashton Sanders fight the alien invasion. See more at Empire.

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