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7th January
Carlitos Way

Directed by

Brian De Palma


Penelope Ann Miller
John Leguizamo
Ingrid Rogers
Luis Guzmán
James Rebhorn
Joseph Siravo
Richard Foronjy
Jorge Porcel
Frank Minucci
Adrian Pasdar
John Ortiz
Ángel Salazar
Al Israel
Rick Aviles
Jaime Sánchez
Edmonte Salvato
Paul Mazursky
Tera Tabrizi
Víctor Sierra
Caesar Cordova
Jon Seda
Ruben Rivera
Sherie Mambru
Brenda Hernandez
Elliot Santiago
Frank Ferrara
John Hoyt
Chuck Zito
Steven Puente
Tony Cucci
Alfred Sauchelli Jr.
Anthony Catanese
Sam Weber
Sonny Zito
Walter T. Meade
Michael Hadge
Richard Council
Lindsey Lombardi
James Bulleit
Crystal Haney
Gregory Mitchell
Mel Gorham
Rocco Sisto
John Finn
Brian Tarantina
Jaime Tirelli
Owen Hollander
John Michael Bolger
Ralph Destino Jr.
Vincent Jerman-Jerosa
Luke Toma
Frank Pietrangolare
Mike Sheehan
Dean Rader-Duval
Gene Canfield
Sharmagne Leland-St. John
Rene Rivera
Orlando Urdaneta
Troy A. Hawes
Kim Rideout
Drita Barak
Christopher Bregman
Natalia Ray
Joe Conzo
Gaetano Lisi
Debra Niewald
Christina Murphy
Julieta Ortega
Mary Hammett
Debbie Benitez
Roberta Mathes
Freddy Rios
Mike Ramos
Yelba Osorio
Nelson Vasquez
Jason Daryn
Dan Brennan
Michael P. Moran
Vincent Pastore
Garry Pastore
Cynthia LaMontagne
Bo Dietl
James V. Miller
Marc Anthony
Cindy Birch
David Boston
Dono Cunningham
Robert DaGasta
Jaclyn Dietl
Jack Fitzstephens
Garlan Green
Pete Macnamara
Charles Malota
Daniel Margotta
Daisy Martinez
Mike Mitchell Jr.
Joe Moffa
David Moss
Coati Mundi
Antone Pagán
Angel Ramirez Jr.
Cice Rivera
Ron Rivera
Jacqueline Frances Santiago
Saundra Santiago
Alberto Suarez
Denise Vasquez
Enrique Veloz
Bill Weeden
Kyle Wyatt

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Carlitos Way

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Carlitos Way

UK BBFC Certificate: 18

Popular in: Italy and Germany

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Highest chart position: 2

Weeks on box office: 8

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