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Casa De Mi Padre

Casa De Mi Padre

Directed by

Matt Piedmont


Diego Luna
Pedro Armendriz Jr.
Genesis Rodriguez
Efren Ramirez
Adrian Martinez
Gael Garca Bernal
Manuel Urrego
Nick Offerman
Jerry Collins
Louis Carazo
Sandra Echeverra
Elijah Velarde
Alejandro Patino
Eduardo Ricard
Pedro Lopez
James Victor
William Marquez
Dan Haggerty
Jos Luis Rodrguez El Puma
Eric Leiderman
Patricia Guggenheim
Robert Dassie
Mariann Gavelo
Molly Shannon
Gayle Sherman
Thomas Rosales Jr.
Armando Guerrero
Diana Laura

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Fri, 16th March 2012

'Casa De Mi Padre': A Loopy, Affectionate Spoof  NPR

Casa de mi Padre isn't quite the kind of comedy Will Ferrell is known for making, yet it seems to fit him well. As Armando Alvarez, a simple-minded Mexican ...

Thu, 15th March 2012

Will Ferrell Tackles Spanish for 'Casa de Mi Madre'  New York Times

To portray the lead in his latest film, “Casa de Mi Padre,” Will Ferrell was a reluctant student when it came to studying his lines in Spanish.

Fri, 2nd March 2012

14 Clips from CASA DE MI PADRE Starring Will Ferrell  Collider.com

Will Ferrell is set to make his Spanish-language debut with the upcoming comedy Casa de mi Padre, and today we've got 14 clips from the film to share with our ...

Mon, 27th February 2012

'Casa de mi Padre' Not Just Another Will Ferrell Film | Arts  Harvard Crimson

Violent drug cartels along the United States-Mexico border might provoke images of armed, ski-masked gangsters. In “Casa de mi Padre,” the exposition of ...

Tue, 20th March 2012

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Casa De Mi Padre

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

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8 June 2012