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Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can

Directed by


Christopher Walken
Martin Sheen
Nathalie Baye
James Brolin
Brian Howe
Frank John Hughes
Steve Eastin
Chris Ellis
John Finn
Jennifer Garner
Nancy Lenehan
Ellen Pompeo
Elizabeth Banks
Guy Thauvette
Candice Azzara
Matthew Kimbrough
Joshua Boyd
Kaitlin Doubleday
Kelly McNair
Jonathan Dankner
Maggie Mellin
Thomas Kopache
Margaret Travolta
Jimmie F. Skaggs
Alex Hyde-White
Lilyan Chauvin
Eugene Fleming
Robert Ruth
Jennifer Manley
James Morrison
Robert Symonds
Jennifer Kan
Robert Curtis Brown
Kelly Hutchinson
Steve Witting
Wendy Worthington
Jane Bodle
J. Patrick McCormack
Brian Goodman
Ray Proscia
Sarah Lancaster
Jill Matson-Sachoff
Mike Baldridge
Joel Ewing
Ritchie Montgomery
Jim Antonio
Angela Sorensen
Jonathan Brent
Benita Krista Nall
Shane Edelman
Andrew Meeks
Morgan Rusler
Jane Edith Wilson
Dave Hager
Kyle Davis
Patrick Thomas O'Brien
Jaime Ray Newman
Deborah Kellner
Mercedes Cornett
Amy Acker
Robert Peters
James DuMont
Thomas Crawford
Sarah Rush
Malachi Throne
Alfred Dennis
Max Kerstein
Donna Kimball
Jan Munroe
Stephen Dunham
Brandon Keener
Jasmine Jessica Anthony
Anthony Powers
Lauren Cohn
Jeremy Howard
Jack Knight
Jamie Anderson
Kam Heskin
Ana Maria Quintana
Gerald R. Molen
Celine du Tertre
Stan Bly
Jamie Moss
Jessica Collins
Frank Abagnale Jr.
Roger Léger
Jean-François Blanchard
Mathieu Gaudreault
Guy-Daniel Tremblay
Alex Bisping
Patrice Dussault
Paul Todd
Jake Wagner
Ashley Cohen
Kelly Cohen
Ellis Hall
Steven Meizler
Fred Datig
Joe Garagiola
Kitty Carlisle
Dominic Bond
Jean-François Brousseau
Francis Campeau
Raphaël Cardin
Marc-Antoine Côté
Antoine Drolet-Dumoulin
Léon Dussault-Gagné
Simon Houle-Gauthier
Vincent Généreux
Sébastien Jean
Pascal Larouche
William Lauzon
Florent Legault
Jason McNally
Julien Normandeau
David Parent-Laliberté
Alexandre Pépin
Nicolas Radeschi
Jonathan René
Samuel St. Amour
Dan Andreiu
Nicole Andrews
Gina Aponte
Ian Aronson
Michael Arthur
David Austin
Drennan Baker
Lee Baker
Jessica Bassman
Joe Beaudin
Honor Blackman
Barry Blueian
Phil Bowers
G. Larry Butler
Gary Castro Churchwell
Jillian Clare
Carrie CeCe Cline
Joshua Collins
Ty Copeman
Mark Correy
Sabrina Culver
David J. Cummins
Cam Deaver
Johnny Drocco
Wade Eck
Fabrizio Fante
Brian Reed Garvin
Tiffany Glass
Melissa Gribbon
Jason Grutter
Glen Hambly
Katie Harker
Jesse Heiman
Rebecca Hirschfeld
Ryan Izay
Casey Kern
Cyrus King
Joshua Michael Kwiat
Charlotte Kyle
Pablo Lewin
Michael Lightsey
Cari Lucas
Beverly Lynne
Karrie MacLaine
Pete Macnamara
Shannon Marlyse
Charles McClelland
Ric McCloud
Paul McMichael
Christopher Metas
Altara Michelle
Summer Moore
Ben Northenor
Alden Olmsted
Veronique Ory
Nick Pellegrino
Marylee Picciano
Jeffrey Pritz
Tara Rice
Cali T. Rossen
Lidia Sabljic
Corinne Saffell
Larry Sherman
Andy Signore
Kim Sky
Max Spielberg
Jeffrey Squire
Jimmy Star
Jacki Tenerelli
Rando Thomas
Clyde Tull
Larry Vigus
Camille Wainwright
Jamie Wax
Sean Welch
Dared Wright
Evis Xheneti
Hilary Rose Zalman
Nick Zano

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12th February 2013

Disney end the 4 week run of Les Miserables with their latest animation, the video game inspired Wreck-It Ralph which tops the box office during it's debut week.

Ralph debuted with a £4.5 million weekend beating all in it's path with nothing coming any where near. Les Miserables fell to second place with a £1.6 million weekend on it's 5th week of release.

A year ago Daniel Radcliffe was starring in his first film post Potter and debuted with The Woman in Black at the top with £3.1 million knocking Chronicle to 5th.

Five years ago National Treasure: Book of Secrets debuted at the top with £2.5 million knocking Cloverfield to 3rd.

Ten years ago Two Weeks Notice with Hugh Grand and Sandra Bullock was the top film on it's debit with £2.6 million knocking Catch Me If You Can to second.

Fifteen years ago saw the only number one holder as Titanic spend another weekend as the top film with £4.2 million.

4th February 2013

This weeks UK Box Office has Les Miserables making it four weeks as the most popular film in the country, not since Avatar in 2010 has a film spent more than 3 weeks at the top.

In early figures for last weekend the Tom Hooper musical took £2.8 million taking it's total to around to £30 million mark.

The top new film landed (pun intended) at 3, Denzel Washington stars and is Oscar nominated for his portrayal of an airline pilot with a drinking problem. Flight takes £1.7 million over the weekend.

Flight is having a battle with Lincoln for 3rd place and might end up in fourth by the time final figures are counted.

This time last year Chronicle was the top film of the week and the highest new film debuting at number 1 with £2.2 million, the previous weeks top film, War Horse was knocked to 4th place.

Five years ago it was all change as well as man of the moment, director J.J. Abram's this time on production duties, took Clover field to the top on it's debut with £3.4 million.

Ten years ago Spielberg was a the top with Hanks and DiCaprio and Catch Me If You can with debuted with £3.7 million.

Fifteen years ago Titanic was on the second week of its mammoth run on the chart and took £4.7 million, there was unusually no new films at the box office this week.

Movie details
UK total gross
Catch Me If You Can

US total gross
Catch Me If You Can

Global total gross
Catch Me If You Can

UK BBFC Certificate: 12

Popular in: Spain and United Kingdom

Box Office Breakdown
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 8

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