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Children Of Men

Children Of Men

Directed by

Alfonso Cuarón


Juan Gabriel Yacuzzi
Mishal Husain
Rob Curling
Jon Chevalier
Rita Davies
Charlie Hunnam
Kim Fenton
Danny Huston
Chris Gilbert
Phoebe Hawthorne
Rebecca Howard
Atalanta White
Laurence Woodbridge
Maria McErlane
Michael Haughey
Paul Sharma
Miriam Karlin
Philippa Urquhart
Tehmina Sunny
Jody Halse
Ilario Bisi-Pedro
Michael Klesic
Martina Messing
Simon Poland
Barnaby Edwards
Valerie Griffiths
Billy Cook
Pam Ferris
Clare-Hope Ashitey
Gary Hoptrough
Rob Inch
Jamie Kenna
Maurice Lee
Dhaffer LAbidine
Bruno Ouvrard
Denise Mack
Jacek Koman
Joy Richardson
Caroline Lena Olsson
Milenka James
Somi De Souza
Francisco Labbe
Thorston Manderlay
Georgia Goodman
Dorothy Grumbar
Barry Martin
Ernesto Tomasini
Keith Dunphy
Ray Trickett
Nabil Shaban
Goran Kostic
Dermot O'Neill
Oana Pellea
Faruk Pruti
Alexandre Bestavashvili
Galina McWhirr
Nirmala Martis
Ida Church
Yolanda Vazquez
Andrew Brooke
Nihal Arthanyake
Alex Argenti
Andy Callaghan
Scott Davidson
Ray Donn
James Fiddy
Kay Headley
Forbes KB
Jeff Leslie
Joo Costa Menezes
Steve Murphy
Vidal Sancho
Mark Shrimpton
John Warman
Paul Warren
Yana Yanezic

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Children Of Men

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Children Of Men

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

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