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Child's Play

Child's Play

Directed by

Lars Klevberg


Aubrey Plaza
Gabriel Bateman
Brian Tyree Henry
Tim Matheson
David Lewis
Beatrice Kitsos
Hannah Drew
Trent Redekop
Amber Taylor
Kristin York
Ty Consiglio
Carlease Burke
Ben Andrusco-Daon
Veenu Sandhu
Nicole Anthony
Mia Bella
Zahra Anderson
Johnson Phan
Eddie Flake
Marlon Kazadi
Kenneth Tynan
Amro Majzoub
Nicholas Dohy
Ariana Nica
Romulus Stoicescu
Michael Bardach
Anantjot S Aneja
Olivia Poon
Taurin Almas

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7th June 2019

In a time when remakes are the order of the day the 'classic' horror film Childs play is given a 15 age rating by the BBFC.

15 Certificate

Based on the 1989 film Child's Play is about a possessed doll which is a mischievous killer.

The remake is brought to us by director Lars Klevberg and the BBFC have given it a 15 rating for strong gory violence, threat, language - it has an official runtime of 90 minutes (1 hour 30 minutes).

8th February 2019

We're all used to remakes these days and this year cult horror film Childs Play gets make over.

The original series although having its moments was always seen as more tongue in cheek and verging on comedy than a full out horror.

Judging from this trailer the series is being rebooted with a more horror feel to it.

We'll find out when the film hits 21st June 2019, check out the trailer below.

Movie details

Child's Play is number 9 on the UK box office this week.

UK total gross
Child's Play

UK BBFC Certificate: 15


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UK release date:

Highest chart position: 9

Weeks on box office: 1

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