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Directed by
Jack Nicholson
Faye Dunaway
John Huston
Perry Lopez
John Hillerman
Darrell Zwerling
Diane Ladd
Roy Jenson
Roman Polanski
Richard Bakalyan
Joe Mantell
Bruce Glover
Nandu Hinds
James ORear
James Hong
Beulah Quo
Jerry Fujikawa
Belinda Palmer
Roy Roberts
Noble Willingham
Elliott Montgomery
Rance Howard
George Justin
C.O. Erickson
Fritzi Burr
Charles Knapp
Claudio Martnez
Federico Roberto
Allan Warnick
John Holland
Jesse Vint
Jim Burk
Denny Arnold
Burt Young
Elizabeth Harding
John Rogers
Cecil Elliott
Paul Jenkins
Lee de Broux
Bob Golden
Richard Warren

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11th January 2016

The Force Awakens this week opened in the last of the worlds major territories and broken records in that country too.

China is the last of the major cinema going nations, and like in almost all other countries it is now the highest grossing opening film.

The last record the film has to get now is that of the highest grossing movie of all time, currently held by Avatar with $2.8 billion dollars, can it get there, its actually looking unlikely.

Despite all the records that The Force Awakens has broken, and the fact that most of the world is still showing the film it still needs to make another billion dollars, this could be out of its reach.

I am certain that it will be the first film since Avatar to go over $2 billion, and I suspect it has a good chance of beating Titanic which is number 2 with $2.1 billion but there will have to be a lot of repeat viewing to get to $2.8 billion, but who knows at this point?

Highest new film of the week is The Forest which has grossed $13.5 million from 5 territories and sits at number 6 this week.

Worth a mention is The Revenant which is out in 11 countries and went in general release this week and sits at number 2 this week with $58.2 million.

This week top 10 looks like this

  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens - $145,930,000
  2. The Revenant - $58,200,000
  3. Daddys Home - $25,200,000
  4. The Hateful Eight - $18,351,000
  5. The Good Dinosaur - $13,644,000
  6. The Forest - $13,538,000
  7. Joy - $12,000,000
  8. Detective Chinatown - $11,800,000
  9. Quo Vado? - $11,500,000
  10. Alvin And The Chipmunks The Road Chip - $11,300,000

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UK BBFC Certificate: X

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