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Directed by
Dax Shepard
Michael Peña
Dax Shepard
Jessica McNamee
Adam Brody
Ryan Hansen
Vida Guerra
Justin Chatwin
Vincent D'Onofrio
Angelique Kenney
Rosa Salazar
Ben Falcone
Maya Rudolph
Adam Rodriguez
Jane Kaczmarek
Merrin Dungey
Richard T. Jones
Mara Marini
Kelly Richardson
Jackie Tohn
Isiah Whitlock Jr.
Katie McCabe
Carly Hatter
April Martucci
Arturo del Puerto
Becky Feldman
Jamie Bock
Angie Gregory
Cameron Cruz
Rene Moran
Phil Tyler
Aly Mawji
Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom
Jess Rowland
David Shepard
John Duff
Monica Padman
Clay Cullen
Tierre Turner
Marco Morales
Bobby T
David Wesley Marlowe
Tate Simms
Paul Riley Fox

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28th March 2017

Audiences across the UK can't get enough of Belle and her beast as the Disney live action films scores a fantastic second weekend, Power rangers is the top new film at number 2.

A second weekend gross of £12.3 million for Beauty and The Beast is something most films would be happy to have as their debut weekend gross and would be in the top 100 highest grossers.

This brings the films total gross over 10 days to nearly £40 million and makes it the top grossing film of the year so far, overtaking La La Land.

With this type of momentum there is a chance it could end up being the top film of the year, although there are some big hitters coming later and a massive film at the tend of the year.

Power Rangers make their debut at number 2 this week in their revamped, re-booted, big budget incarnation to the tune of £1.5 million.

There was one other Power Rangers movie, back in 1995, based on the TV show it had the full title of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie and debuted in the UK to the tune of £1.3 million.

If we take inflation into account the 1995 film did far better and would today have debuted to the tune of £3.2 million.

Worth noting is that if the chart were counted for the whole week rather than just Friday - Sunday Power Rangers would have been at number 5 this week.

Also new this week is The Lost City of Z debuting at 7 with £0.28 million and CHiPs at number 8 with £0.2 million.

Longest running film this week is The Lego Batman Movie which has been around now for 7 weeks and the top grossing movie, after just 10 days is Beauty and The Beast.

Historical charts

A year ago
Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice made its long awaited debut a the top of the box office knocking King Fu Panda to number 3.

Five years ago
The first of The Hunger Games movies was unleashed on the world and hit the top on its debut weekend, it knocked The Devil Inside down to number 4.

Ten years ago
Zack Snyder brought us his big screen cinematic style in 300 which debuted at the top knocking Norbit down to number 4.

Fifteen years ago
Ali G Indahouse made its debut at the top of the box office, it knocked Ocean’s Eleven down to number 3 after 5 weeks on top.

Twenty years ago
The speacial edition of Star Wars made its debut at the top of the UK box office, it knocked The English Patient down to number 2.

Twenty five years ago
Cape fear remained at the top for a third weekend, it kept off Bugsy which debuted at number 2.

27th March 2017

For the second week in a row Beauty and the Beast from Disney is the top film across the globe beating off competition from highest new film Power Rangers.

With a second weekend gross of an incredible $207.5 million from 51 countries the live action version of Beauty and The Beast stays at the top.

After 10 days of play the film has well and truly passed the half a billion dollar mark with $690.2 million in total grosses.

Highest new film of the week is Power Rangers which gets a massively wide release in 63 countries and takes $59.2 million.

Also new this week is Life at number 4 with $28.7 million from 57 countries, The Baby Boss at 6 with $16.3 million from 5 countries and CHiPs at 8 with $9.5 million from 32 countries.

Highest total grossing film of the week is Beauty and the Beast which being at the top will be he top grossing movie for a few weeks to come.

27th March 2017

Beaty and the Beast live action is still by far the top film in the US for the films second weekend of release with the highest new film Power Rangers which manages a number 2 debut.

A drop of only 50% week on week gross for Beauty and the Beast means the film takes in its second weekend $88 million.

The film total gross therefore powers on to a massive $317 million in America which gives it the target of becoming the 4th larget film ever stateside.

Disney are powering away with hit after hit at the moment and with the likes of Star Wars, Marvel, its animation studio and live action film there is no stopping them.

Making its debut at number 2 this week is the highly anticipated re-boot of the Power Rangers franchise which has moved from cheesy TV show to bug budget movie.

The films takes $40 million on its debut and with limited appear and mediocre reviews the film could sink fast.

Other new film this week in America are Life at number 4 with $12 million and CHiPs at number 7 with $7.6 million.

Highest total grossing movie on the top 10 this week is Beauty and the Beat which the longest running film is The Lego Batman Movie with 7 week on the chart in total.

Movie details

The film has a UK gross of £421,232 and is the 3920th top grossing film in the UK

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

Genres:Popular in: United Kingdom
Box Office
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 8

Weeks on box office: 2

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